Lebanon - how much is this sh1t costing us??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbarasson, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of 'saving' people who go ON HOLIDAY to bloody Beirut, there are clearly some British nationals in the Middle East who need the help of HMG. My main question is, how much is this costing the taxpayer, and is it coming out of the defence budget? Anyhow, Bliar should get a bit of backbone and bill Tel Aviv. It is only because of this disproportionate response (which no one can deny it is now) that is putting British Citizens (albeit some dopey or pinko do-gooding ones) in danger, why should we pay??
  2. I think you will find that the Foreign Office bill those who are rescued for the priviledge of a ride on a Royal Navy warship :)
  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    No they aint, and not for the onwards flights either.................
  4. Until the Israelis bombed it Beruit was starting to be a good business and holiday destination. It should be a country with a lot going for it. They have rebuilt their economy and infrastructure after decades of civil war. Everyone I know who has been there recently spoke very highly about the quality of night life. There should be no reason for people not to go there.

    The neighbopurs should not be bombing its infrastructure.
  5. Spoken to my Consular Section staff and as off yet, no dicision has been made to Bill British Nationals. Point of interest though, all the Americans are being Billed for their evacuation by Uncle Sam.
  6. Suggestion is nationals will be billed £300
  7. Should money be the first thing that crosses our minds when UK citizens carrying valid passports are pulled out of a sh+thole

    It has been reported that some have been arrogant ignorant demanding etc etc ok but I suggest you give yourself a couple of days to pack your entire life away and move your family to safety under the threat of what appears to be a warzone

    It has also been pointed out that the don't pay UK tax SO FECKING WHAT they are UK citizens

    How much tax haven't they paid? how do they benefit UK plc? you can only generalise about this, what about the consul staff should we bill them etc etc etc etc

    People don't seem to appreciate that UK plc ain't some completely isolated, independent country with no requirements for contact or trade with other nations. These are UK passport holders

    So the Navy is pulling out these people, I would suggest thats its job, I doubt many matelots are moaning about non tax payers, getting pinged for a sh+t job

    Who is firing up these sad and what appear to be bitter arguements

    I can understand anger at having to put troops at risk to rescue a single stupid christian peace worker who was foolish enough to ignore multiple warnings about his safety but this is a bit different

    I would suggest that there may have been a similar number of British passport holders in need of the Mobs help in 1982 no one was squealing then
  8. Gimp

    totally with you. I was watching today as some friggin expat family was boarding the navy ship and they moaned about everything and nothing being their fault.

    So why take a job in the Lebanon - A FOOKIN BIG TAX FREE SALARY - THATS WHY!!!

    So these tossers go to what is a volatile place, they then dont pay a quid in tax, rake loads of dosh coz they are in an undesirable zone and then expect the UK Govt TAX PAYERs to bail them out!! I boils my piss.

    They should have a PO standing on the gangway with a clipboard and he asks if they pay NI & Tax, if not, then f*ck off and lie in the bed you made :twisted:
  9. I think that you need to re-read the post you are 'agreeing' with. And to tell the truth, alot of the posts on here sound like nothing more than pure, childish jealousy.
  10. BS either you are been ironic or you patently misunderstood my post

    I'm going with the second option, I'll concentrate and put down my thoughts a bit clearer next time
  11. Bullsh*t

    Totally agree.

    The majority these expats live life as if we were still an empire - I see it everyday, with their third-world maids, nannies and dog walkers. Where are their house staff that they pay sh*t wages too now, no doubt cowering in the masters wine cellar somewhere with stict instructions not to touch a drop. These feckers are living in the days of the Raj. Let the F*ckers pay with their Platinum Cards.
  12. Yes, there seems something wrong here. If I choose to work and live in a country/area that is unstable[sic] and live on a gigantic tax free wage (from this home country) should not i take responsibility, insurance etc. for my wellbeing and that of my family. Why should people be whinging about how awful the support/evacuation from our government has been. I'll bet that they all lived the life of Riley before this particular piece of odure hit the air conditioning system! And, as for charging them for their flights etc, just how much does it cost to divert a destoyer, all the helicopter support etc. to get the buggers out? I'm sure that most of them probably have paid to fly home (this country?) prior to this just as the fancy took them! Whilst in ranting mode why are all the sailors wearing bl**dy US navy style baseball caps? This used to be the ROYAL NAVY! OK Calmed down now1
  13. There seems to be an emerging principle here that Her Majesty's Government and, therefore, Her Majesty's Armed Forces, should only ever step in to rescue those of Her Majesty's subjects who certain ARRSERs don't have personal gripes with.

    Rather a dangerous principle, to my mind.
  14. It's late and I've had a few beers but that doesn't dilute my next comment "you sir are a fckng cnt" (please add vowels for full effect at the latter end of my comment).

    Do not talk absolute b*ll*cks. I've lived overseas now for 5 years as an expat, first in Thailand and now in Singapore. My youngest daughter was born here in S'pore and is Brit passport holder, as she would be since er indoors is like me from the UK. We live overseas because of the nature of my job & don't flap at me about maids etc. (for the record as a maid they typically earn 3 times the ave. wage of a professional worker in Manila etc). There is an old expression "when in rome..." We are not living in the days of the raj, we're taling economics & the locals are far worse than we are on this issue - which is why we get blamed for lifting the basic wage! Next time you open your gob talk sense or shut the fcuk up!


    PS - the fact I'm sipping a G&T before nipping out for a spot of shagging the house maid/shooting any passing locals is highly irrelevant :D
  15. No they're not. Condi nixed that idea. Rightly, IMHO.

    Does it mean ANYTHING to be a UK citizen? Do our taxes count for NOTHING? We pay for the FCO and the MoD for, inter alia, precicely this kind of eventuality.