Lebanon: Europe confirming US prejudices?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. ...and not only them and not only "weapons convoys". Probably Europeans realised that Israel will attack Hezbollah later or sooner anyway.

    Andy, are you a Guardian reader? If no, then why do you propose to read this pinko-left propaganda?
  2. "Now Israelis are engaged in a round of numbed soul-searching, the nation's leading commentators concluding that the war of 2006 was a military, political and strategic failure.

    Much of the criticism is currently directed at the operational errors: the lack of military preparedness, the indecision of commanders, the mistaken belief that a ground force like Hizbullah could be beaten from the air. "

    Airpower can destroy fixed targets it can see. It has limitations on moving targets and indepth underground instalations. Aviation promises so much yet consistantly fails to deliver the result, from its ultra exspensive 'Toys' and while risking so few Cannon Fodder, the public gets so 'upset' if a few are captured and held as hostage.
    Only troops can take and hold. How many US ground troops ever made POW status in their last Asian adventure ?

    No cuntry in its right mind would place troops on a border with the mission of disarming a Popular local Resistance force.
    A Peace deal was required by ALL, but no one wants to pay the new Butchers bill to come.
    john in Pink mood.