Lebanese Government Soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutsy, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. An interesting statement from the Lebanese defence minister - "we will defend our country against any invasion"

    What do we know about Lebanese forces? I condemn any acts of terrorism and organisations such as Hezbollah, but the Israeli offensive is decidedly 'heavy handed' - Surely!? Assuming Israel do push into Lebanon, is it likely they will get a 'bloody nose' (or even worse) or would it be complete and decisive victory for Israel?

    Something tells me these Lebanese are not going to let Israel simply rock up and start pushing them about!! I'm becoming massively p1ssed off at Israel's general conduct here and I think, Hezbollah and terrorism aside, that Israel deserve a mighty kicking for destroying infrastructure etc in and around Beirut.

    We now all know that mass air strikes, artillery and battalion after battalion of infantryman will not succeed against determined acts of terrorism - it's a special forces domain who would have an option to call in said assets. Destroy Hezbollah but leave the innocents out of it, Israel!!

    PS Some leadership here Blair and Co!!
  2. The government of Lebanon does not control its own territory if they did Israel wouldnt be pounding Lebanon.
  3. The Lebanese Army did a sterling job throwing the Syrians out, didn't it?
  4. Given the Syrian withdrawal last year, I see no reason why Lebanon should not defend itself. It doesn't have an air force to speak of but it does posess an army with potentially decent assets - commando regiments, artillery, armour etc, who, at the direction of their powers that be, can and will attempt to take on the Israelis.
  5. They were afraid to take on hizbollah but now will fight the Izzies - give me a break!
    Hizbollah are really members of the IRG in civilian clothes. In addition there are IRG troops in southern Lebanon which the Izzies have been fighting the last few days in southern Lebabon. Four soldiers from Egoz special operations unit were killed including a Major and 3 1st Sgt's fighting the Iranians who are fighting from caves/tunnels. Iran has had trouble reinforcing their allies in southern Lebanon I suspect the Syrian border will heat up from IRG units brought in from Iran to take pressure off of southern Lebanon.In actuality this will widen the war.
  6. You really are on a different planet!!!!! Where have you got this cr@p from???
  7. I agree totally that Lebanon has every right to defend itself in the event of an Israeli ground invasion, I also believe that the will, and indeed should take up arms to defend their sovereign territory, but I'm not sure how effective they'd be to be honest. You mention potentially decent assets, that looks good on paper, but what are we talking about in terms of fighting quality and state of equipment? Not to mention the quality of their officers. In my experience of Arab militaries, the basic structure is there, but (with a few notable exceptions I have to say) they suffer from poor leadership as their officer corps doesn't give a fcuk about their men and are more concerned with swaggering about trying to dodge PT. It's a sad fact that in some Arab countries (although I have to be honest - I can't speak for Lebanon), officer selection is based largely on connections and wusta, than leadership ability. Wusta is an Arabic word which vaguely means one's network of contacts who can be used to do things for you, and for whom you're expected to open doors in return.
  8. Your link, http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1153291965414&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull has NO reference to Hezbollah fighters actually being Iranian. You have been so brainwashed by the propaganda you're starting to see Iranians under the bed.

    If Iran was so involved in this, why did you own President try to pin it on Syria????
  9. Whilst the Jerusalem post item doesn't mention Hezbollah, it has been widely known that being shia, they are very closely linked to Iran, and that they receive a lot of aid from Iran in the way of weaponry and funds. The missile that hit the Israeli ship the other day most probably came from Iran.
    However, I wouldn't quite go as far to say that the Iranians themselves are launching these attacks, or that there are Iranian Revolutionary Guard units running loose around southern Lebanon. There's certainly no evidence of that as far as I'm aware.
  10. Must be very crowded under there, what with all the 'Commies' etc.....
  11. Oh yes, apart from being elite soldiers they are also Mullah's in their off time!
    Genius statement there T6 (Genius for all the wrong reasons but never mind)

    The Lebanese Army is a conscript army about 70,000 strong
    but 60% (estimate) of its fixed personnel are Shi'ites.

    The other thing is, if the Lebanese Army do fight any Israeli invasion, will the LAF be declared a terrorist organisation by Bush and co?
  12. Surely the other main issue with lebanon and many armies in general is a lack of individual soldiering skills especially marksmanship? Or is the stereotype of firing from the hip or failure to aim just that?
  13. What is the evidence for this? Hizbollah is definitely supported by Iran and closely linked, but what is the evidence that they use Iranian Republican Guards? How do they get there - do they go via Iraq? Why would the Lebanese/ Palestinian Shia need a bunch of Iranian National Guards.

    Is the main aim of this claim to prove linkage so we can finally fight shoulder to shoulder with the Israelis?

    Or is it some claim that Hizbollah are so poor soldiers?