Lebanese evacuations - priorities?

BBC News said:
Some of the British nationals gathered in Beirut who are considered vulnerable, including the ill and elderly, are also being taken to HMS Illustrious in RAF Chinook helicopters.
Why are the elderly, infirm or ill (read sick lame and lazy) being evacuated first? Does it mean because they are elderly, infirm or ill that their lives are any more important? Personally I would say not. I you had to rescue one of two cars from the scrapyard for instance, you would not choose the 16 year old Ford Sierra Turbo Diesel leaving the brand new Merc SLK.

Now there is a posibility that in the Lebanon there as a firm nubile young female with great breasts that could just about be a future conquest for our Verm here, unfortunately she is being put at risk to rescue a doddering old pensioner with 2 seised rigid hips and damp footy socks for breasts.........................how is this right?

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