Lebanese Diversion for the Iranian Bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Diversion In Lebanon

    Con Coughlin is, again, right on the money. The Iranians have tried it in Iraq now they are trying it in Lebanon. These tactics can only have a temporary impact in themselves individually. This one could run for some time but it will eventually calm down. Nevertheless we have to expect similar blow ups to continue for as long as the Iranians need them to. Bush and his poodle will not engage with the Lebanese problem and get Israel to back down because Hezbollah need sorting out. I assume that they are content to let what has to be the main effort of stopping the Iranians getting nuclear weapons because the Iranian facilities can be destroyed should that be necessary. Yet more interesting times to come.

    It is refreshing to see such a robust commentator on the Middle East as Coughlin in the British press. I used to admire Robert Fisk but I can hardly read him these days without wanting to puke.
  2. The way I see it is it's within the Israelis power to stop destroying Lebanon - but they seek to perpetuate it and have failed to show any regret for the mounting death toll on civilians. I don't think everybody's forgotten about the Iranians' nuclear potential - in fact, rather than diverting attention, it's been thrown into sharp focus. The Iranian 'connection' is in fact very weak - unless you're primed to swallow the Israeli / US / British justification for continuing the 'action'. I'd recommend you look at the front page of the Independent this morning which speaks volumes:


    and keep your sick bag handy
  3. The Israeli response is disproportionate and may yet result in a major and long term incursion. I believe that the major Western powers think Hezbollah should be severely dealt with because while their methods provoke the Israelis into responses such as this then nothing will change. They are happy to let Israel do it for the moment. Dealing with Hezbollah is easier said than done but none of us should be under any illusions that the Iranians are pulling the Islamic strings in the region as a whole and this is part of their agenda to ensure they develop a nuclear weapons capability. Do you really think all this will stop once they have achieved their aim?
  4. IMHO opinion, Iran may have seriously miscalculated by stirring the pot in Lebanon. As Frenchperson says, it has thrown things into sharp focus as far as Iranian nuclear ambitions are concerned.
    Given recent Iranian rhetoric about wiping Israel from the face of the Earth, I suspect that this war against Hezbollah will indeed escalate to include the real cause of instability within the region.... Iran.