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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by scrumpjack, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have been thinking about leaving for a while now as im not enjoying it at all and just need a little advice.

    I am really confused as to when i am entitled to leave. I have heard various things about this.

    Am i entitled to hand my notice in after three years then server till four.. If so when does your time start from.

    Any advice is good advice.

    Thanks in advance
  2. How old were you when you enlisted? How long have you done?
  3. What are you not enjoying?
  4. I enlisted in Apr 05 and i was 21 at that time.

    No im not enjoying. My new post is not going too well and for reasons outside of work; e.g. my wife getting pregnant again, i am going to have to look for a job with better pay and more stability.

    Preferably closer to my family (For free childcare).

    From what i can make out (GOOGLE), i can hand in my notice after 3 years service. Is this correct. ? Or am i going to have to wait until year 4 before i can do anything
  5. I think you can sign off now. Its 3 years and then one notice I think, but I'm not an expert. The best person to ask is your chief clerk or troopy. In that order.
  6. In fact yeah, I'm sure.
  7. ok thanks for that,

    so that last year then, is that fixed??

    I mean i have heard of people that get out way before the year mark with a job offer. Or does this only apply after your 4 year point.

    Sorry for all the questions.
  8. They do do it, but they dont like to. My understanding is that its done if its the only way to get you that particular job offer. I.e. they're gonna train you, and only run one course a year etc and you'd miss it. You'll lose your resettlement though if you havent already taken it. You need written proof too.

    Are things that bad?

    Edited to add, dont think you get resettlement anyway...
  9. from what i read, i believe your right.

    I dont think i am entitled to any resettlement, however i am not overly concerned about that.

    No things arent that bad. However, my wife will not be able to work for sometime, what with her being pregnant and so all finances, will have to be provided by myself.

    What with the expenses that i already have to pay for and the future expenses of a second child, my military pay is going to be too low.

    I cannot afford to stay in the army and pay for 3 people + cat to live off.

    My other little daughter is 9 months old and my wife has not been working since she was born, due to me being posted, and now is not expecting to work for quite some time.

    Leaving the army and finding a well paid civi job, appears to be the only sensible option
  10. Its hard out there mate, and there's a reccesion coming. I'm not saying dont do it, but think really really hard. You are secure in the army and have a quarter etc. Housing costs on civvy street are horrendous.

    Go and talk through your concerns with your troop commander and see what he says, there may be ways in which they can help you.

    Good luck.
  11. Sorry to butt in, but have you put a claim in for working families tax credit?

    If not, then get your claim in.
  12. See, things like that. :D
  13. no i havent put it in yet. thank you for your help.

    I know its a scary place out there.

    Before the pregnancy thing came into it, i was strongly considering it. Im just not cut out for all of this and i dont mind admitting it.

    What with children now aswel, well i want to be stable. I know some married couples manage very easily with families and children and everything, and my hat goes off to them..

    However, i would be a fool to think that i can make it work. I think i have convinced myself that this is not for me.
  14. If finance is your motivation for leaving, I would think very carefully. If you are skint now you will be 3 times worse off in civvy street.

    It's deffo not a land of milk and honey and its set to get worse.
  15. As others have said, Civvy Strasse is not an altogether lovely place to be at the moment, so before you jump, have you considered transferring to a different corps or regiment?