Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by UlsterFry, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there's any truth in the rumour that if you have guaranteed employment (education), then you can be released from the Army early?

    My situation is, I've got a place on a college course in September, but I'm still to sign off. If I thought I had a chance, I'd sign off tomorrow, but if there's no possiblity, then there doesn't seem much point to me signing off anytime soon.

    Help :lol:
  2. im not sure about how early but im sure i have know people get away earlier than the 1 yrs notice (ie after 6 months or so) if they have a job to go to.

    i should imagine that it will be the same for education, esp if your off to uni. you can argue you have got a place on the september course after you sign off and push it that way, rather than saying you have a place and then going, oh by the way, i want to sign off!! :oops:

    main thing is how good a boss you have, and how he approaches the OC/CO to attempt to help you!

    good luck!!
  3. It depends on what stage in your career you are at......it can be as little as three months
  4. well, a friend of mine has been given an early release, he's at exactly the same stage, rank, time served (to the day). but i've since been told that early release has expired.
  5. I had a friend that was in the Navy and wanted out, so he took the route of a transfer to the RMP, had his interviews, the RMP said yes, and he left the Navy, became a Civie and "should" have turned up for RMP basic training.......... He is still a civie!

    When I was in Belize in 92, one of the lads was offered the chance of a job with BFBS, and the CO released him on a admin discharge within 1 week.

    I have another mate that wants out of the RLC and he has been told that if he can get a letter of authorisation for a new job, with a letter of employment he can be out in 3 months, rather then have to wait a year.

    Its worth a try! :)
  6. fcuking right mate, here's hoping, eh!