Leaving with less than 12 months notice

I commissioned in 2000 and have had an excellent time - have managed to serve on operations, command great people and have a really good time along the way. But...it is time for a change, I fancy doing something slightly different and have applied to DFID - I think I am in with a reasonable chance of being accepted, with a likely start date of February 2009.

I am on AToS and should give 12 months notice, If I sign off now, I will only give 8-9 months notice, does anyone have any experience of asking to leave before the 12 months point? Is it possible?

Thank you very much
6 posts in near 5 years - must have been busy :D

Put simply - depends on your boss and how busy you/unit are. It has been known , if a job suddenly becomes available that you may be cut away but....

Check how much time if any you have for resettlement and go in with a good case. You can only ask.
Depends on the needs...your MCM Div might say no. The main factor is resettlement etc, but that is Army time - you couldn't start your new job as part of your resettlement without being hammered.

I have known people be released early because it suited all parties and others be kept because of necessity. You can but ask, but at the moment it is not definite, so if you said "I might have a job starting Feb" they might not get you out quick because not certain. What if you don't get it too?

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