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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CaptainBlackadder, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone - am after a bit of advice if possible.

    I'm currently a serving officer and have done my minimum 3 yrs service on my SSC. I've extended my SSC and have just been accepted to transfer to an IRC.

    I'm thinking about leaving the Army to join the civvie Police. Speaking to the Police recruitment team, I was told that they will only accept my application if I have already given notice to the Army. How does this work? What happens if the selection to join the Police last longer than a year? What happens if I fail selection - can I retract the notice and stay in the Army?

    Lots of questions I know! I'm very happy with the Army - not wanting to leave because I don't like it. I don't want to leave the Army if I cannot be a Police Officer.

    Kind of stuck with the way forward from here....can anyone advise on the procedures? Lots of people must have been down this path in the past!

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  2. That's been the case for a while now mate. I'm not up to full speed on why, but you're stuck with it. The same goes for applying for more than one Force. They'll not let you do that either. Queer system but it works for them.

    PM The Seagull or Trotsky. They'll see you right.
  3. Are you black or asian? If you are then you might as well sign off now, you've already got a foot in the door. If not, stag on fella.
  4. You can withdraw your resignation all the way up to your last day, should you so wish.

    However, there's no guarantee your Career Management Wing would accept it (manning being what it is at the moment) and I can't imagine you'd get a decent next posting! :D

    Best bet - ring your Desk!
  5. Does it bollox, thats why they fcuk it up so often.


    Used to be that police selection took 3 years for a white male. I believe it's less now and some are doing it in less than a year.

    And some forces are letting you apply for two. I think you can have an application in with a home office (county or Met) force and a non home office force (BTP, Civil Nuclear Constabulary - Why?- or MOD Plod) but best bet is to phone (I know its griefy) both forces youre interested in.

    Most of the officers who joined in the late 70s as part of the huge recruiting drive back then following a boost in pay and conditions (and the murder of allowances and relief) will be retiring this year or next, so there's going to be a shortfall in officers to be filled.

    If the evil lefty govt decide we're allowed to fill it of course.
  6. or pre-op/post-op transgender, transsexual, ethnic minority, disabled... basically anything that ticks their 'positive discrimination' box and you are laughing.

    Now there's a mental image of a friendly local beat officer for you to ponder over! :x
  7. Not all forces are currently recruiting. Ask different forces and you will get different answers about recruiting, you can transfer forces after your 2 year probation, and if you join a major met force (the met, west mids, manchester etc) you are looked on favourably by some of the smaller forces for the experience you gain. If you are lucky and its a big if you may join in about 6 months but usually as for my force its about 12 months.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I would query the bit about experience, certainly as far as the Met goes.
    I recall a met officer transferring to my (county) force, and he had not ticked most of the boxes we had. County bobbies were coroners officers, and as such had to organise and arrange inquests. Dealt with all manners of crime (I was first on scene in two murders and therefore was a prime investigator for the entire enquiry), traffic work, routine patrolling, and pre specialised firearms, an authorised shot. We also had our own diving and search team, which was made up of patrol members, and a PSU. These, at that time, were all specilised roles within larger forces.
  9. Good luck.

    I know several people that have got all the way through the selection process only to be told that Plod is no longer recruiting police officers as they are employing more PCSO's and more civilians so as to release officers that are tied up in desk jobs, truth of the matter is that most of those 'freed up' are due to retire anyway and so they will not be replaced.

    I think that Mr Browns master plan is that eventualy the local Window Cleaners will observe their arcs from their elevated positions and report and suspicious movements to either the Bin-man, Postie or Milk Man, who will be patroling in depth, so that they can use their powers of arrest to tackle the offender and then take them back to the Train Station where they will be detained for 40 days in the Post Wagon.
  10. I know that Glasgow run exceptional PVR boards for personnel who are chasing a new career in the Public Services, Police being one of the main considerations given, 3 per year I recall, best to ask your MCM Div.
  11. Thanks for all the advice given so far guys - much appreciated!

    The main problem I have got is that I don't want to give my notice (say twelve months) and then find that after that 12 months I have passed police selection but haven't yet got a start date. Does anyone know if there's any way for me to stay in the Army until my join date for the Police - even if that date is after my notice date?

    Thanks again for all of the help!


  12. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can only speak for myself and this was 10 years ago so things may have changed but i went through my entire Police recruitment process without the knowledge of my Regiment. Once i had the job guaranteed I bought myself out and was wearing a pointy hat within a week of leaving the Army. Of course I was not an Officer, and you will find that unlike the Army every Police Force is a different entity with very little standardisation of recruiting if any beyond PIR (if they even do that now).
    There is very little if any understanding of how the Army works in the adminisphere of Police recruitment this being mainly carried out by civies,(gone are the days of someone assessing you by judging your handiness in a bar fight)so a certain amount of "wool pulling" is possible. Not that im suggesting for a second that you lie (that would be a bad thing, integrity after all is non negotiable!).
    Good luck!
  13. I spent just under a year going through the application process for the South Yorks Police and was just waiting for a date for the fitness assessment, which was the last hurdle when I received a letter in April stating that they were no longer recruiting due to budget constraints!
    Now I was'nt expecting that!!

    I had even given up a well paid job abroad to concentrate on being a policeman.
    Thank god for the pension eh?

  14. Slightly off topic but of assistance to you as it was for me and countless others is this website www.policeuk.com/forum/. Get yourself a profile and fish the forum to bounce ideas and get current advice on vacancies and selection procedures.

    Furthermore, on the police officers being phased out advice, take a pinch of salt on that as most forces now are in the process of workforce transformation. The Gov is looking for more officers on the beat and forces are increasing these numbers as well. My force is taking all misappropriated police officers from office roles back to frontline duties (some kicking and screaming). The voids left are being filled by support staff which is a fantatsic route to get a foot in the door and can be more rewarding and specialised.