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Hi, I'm a recruit in the TA and have been in now for 18 months. The only training I have done is TAFS 1 and TAFS 2 (twice). As you can probably imagine I am getting very bored and frustrated as I am a regular turnout to Tuesday night training and am wondering how many more NBC lessons I can actually stand. I also have to put up with constant nagging/bitching from the recruiting staff and officers in my unit as to why I have not attended my 2wk ATR - the reason being both fitness and family related.
I am strongly considering leaving and coming back when I have "sorted my f**king life out", to quote my drill instructor, but do not know where I really stand on this.

1. If I leave, do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can reapply?

2. I understand that I will have to restart the training programme - but will I get my old number back and will they have kept my records at all?

3. Realistically, what is the likleyhood of me being looked down upon/treated differently or even accepted if i were to come back and rejoin later in the year?
What's wrong with your fitness? Ask the unit PTI what the problem is and how to solve it, or go to the training wing forum and ask there. As for family, can you not spare 2 weeks of your life to go away every year?

1. Not sure, immidiatly I think, but if you re-join so quickly, why did you leave in the first place?
2. Yes you'll keep your number, what does it matter what records they've kept, the fact that you've done TAFS?
3. This is unit specific, if you wrap in the TAFs phase, what makes the training team think you'll survive the ATR, or Special to Arm training?

It's not nagging or bitching, they'll be getting shite from higher up as to why you aren't progressing, it reflects badly on them. They're under pressure to train the recruits that come in the door, having you go round and round the TAFs phase (especially when it is self inflicted), really fcuks the system.

I'm guessing the fitness is BPFA related, get out and start practicing what you fail it on!!!!! I agree with your DS, stop being jack and pull your weight.
the only thing i can recommend is to do your 2 week course ASAP. There is not alot they can do for you if you are not a fully paid up member. Fitness wise, speak to your PSI's. i got back up to full speed after I fractured the vertabrea in my back, by going running 3 nights a week. Of course it started off as walk, then a trot, then a jog. I managed to pass my CFT within 6 Months of not being able to walk properly
I presume you have at least one mate in your cadre Recruit? Use the Buddy-buddy system outside the TAC , and go training with him. Better still, pick the other wheezy fat lad who wants to be in , but is getting seriously demotivated, and do it with him.

As for passing the BPFA , or BFT as was , in my case , I am telling you straight , you can go from Blobby wheezy Jelly to scraping a pass in 21 days , 30 days gets you a half decent time, and that's without running yourself into the ground. I know this, because I did it , having joined the TA while still a 30 a day fine wine and rich meals portly *cough* bloke. The first 3/4 mornings are a bas*ard and then it gets easier.

As for the CFT , I don't know if you're Infantry or Corps, but one way to do this , is to get out there and start by walking over-distance, So instead of 4 miles, do 6. Do that as often as you can , giving yourself a rest day twice a week. Don't start in weight and boots, just start by walking . keep doing it , and when you find yourself happy to jog on the return 3 mile leg , then that's the time to get the boots and weight on , and start again. I'm describing what worked for me , it may not work for you, but you won't know till you try. Once you get there, don't promptly relax and say "Oh I'm fit now" , keep it topped up, once or twice a week will do.

Once again , 4 weeks of good effort will produce very very good results.

But you can't do it sitting in an armchair bemoaning your fate , so grab the nearest wheezy fat boy next week , and get some training time sorted out.

If you leave now , you won't go back because your motivation is blown, so stop telling yourself faerie stories. You are in it now, and if you leave, you may not be able to rejoin, because the RTT has your card marked as "Jack B*stard" for leaving , and may decide not to take you back.

So get a mate , and start sweating. Recruits is the hardest part of being in the Army, and you definitely do not want to be staying there any longer than you have to.

Are you sure the real reason you haven't attended your 2 weeker , is because you've allowed the faerie horror stories that those have been on it , get to you? It's invariably all bollox and told for effect , it's one of the most enjoyable and rewarding fortnights you can have in your life. It is hard work , but if you are fit enough to complete a CFT , and fit enough to go Amber/green on the BPFA , then it will be hard work , but you will get through

Oh and do 10 situps after you read this :D
I believe:

1. There's no bar on returning, assuming the OC will have you back. You'll probably find it takes longer to reenlist as they need to track down your docs.

2. Yes, the only time you change number is changing service (i.e. Army -> Marines etc.), or on commissioning.

3. Depends how much you've hacked them off and whether you can demostrate you've changed.

My advice would be, if the family problem is serious, sort that out over the TA (remember, Family, Work, TA). If it's just fitness, stay in, and get some good phys in. It's very possible to go from 13 min 30 to 9 min 30 for the BFT in a month.


Surely if you explain your circumstance to your unit, they will give you some slack.

As i understand it - you need to attend ATR within 18 months of completeing your tafs
I've been in the TA for 4 years and theirs been times when I've wanted to hand my kit for one reason or another. If you genuinely have an issue that needs addressing and you aren't able to attend just put in for a leave of absence write a letter to your OC explaining your reasons and I'm sure you won't have a problem. Just remember the first year is the hardest after that life in the TA gets a lot better.



Please don't whinge that you are sick of doing TAFs (again) and NBC lessons (again). By your admission, it would seem that you are the problem, and not your unit. It would seem that they are the ones telling you to sort your shite out and get yourself on your phase 2 Trg.

As someone else earlier pointed out there is very little you can do until you are a trained soldier. So, every week you come into your TAc saying you are unfit and can't attend Ph2 trg, you can imagine why the permanent staff are losing their patience with you.

I strongly suggest you look at your priorities and have a look at what you really want to do. If, you do genuinely want to be a fully fledged (trained) member of your Unit, then I suggest you drag your carcass of your sofa and put in the miles to get fit, and either put your family problems to side for two weeks. You are doing this for yourself.

If not, with no disrespect, hand in your kit (that’s a must) and leave. You are needlessly wasting the Permanent Staffs time, that can be far better spent on the motivated, trained members of you unit.
Just take a leave of absense don't actually leave.

Alternatively two weeks away from it all in an army arrse pit can be very good for family stress (tell them you're not allowed your mobile and phone them once on middle weekend). If you can't do that how could you do a camp?
from 'Pips'

"Please don't whinge that you are sick of doing TAFs (again) and NBC lessons (again). By your admission, it would seem that you are the problem, and not your unit. It would seem that they are the ones telling you to sort your shite out and get yourself on your phase 2 Trg."

I totally agree - if you were in my unit, I'd have definitely given you the Gypsy's warning by now. Get it sorted or leave.

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