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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo86, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Im thinking about leaving the TA. Im halfway through my phase1 training but im starting to have second thoughts. The problem being is, i work every other weekend and im constantly having to try and change shifts so i dont miss any training. Which then turns out im losing money. Also ive found that the unit im in isnt half as proffesional as i thought it would be and seems to be very clique. Its not as if i could change unit either as im wanting to be inf. and its the only inf. coy in my area. This has always been something ive wanted to do. Do i stick it out or do I just cut my losses?
  2. Try speaking to your PSI about your concerns. There may be ways to work round your civvy job.
  3. The training process does take up a lot of time, but once you are a fully trained soldier you can fit the TA around your civi job more easily. I work shifts and am forever swapping weekends with people, it is difficult but you should be able to identify one or two people you work with who dont mind swapping all the time and keep picking on them! If you cant get off for a weekend its no big drama, real work comes first!

    As for joining the infantry, stay with the unit your with until you finish your phase 1 training. You may find you will start t enjoy it. Its as much about the people your with as the job you are doing. If you still want to transfer its easier to do at the end of phase 1 rather han half way through.

    Out of curiosity what area are in? Maybe someone here could point you in the direction of your loal INF company.
  4. Im in the Rifles. County Durham area.

    I know what your saying about once the Training is out the way that I might start too enjoy it more but at the minute its just very,very boring. Drill nights are a waste of time. The cpl's who take lessons and by there own admission, dont know what there meant to be teaching. Its shocking! Its also very clique, in the fact that the trained soldiers dont involve the recruits with anything. We often find ourselves standing in a group doing nothing, it shouldnt be like that! We done a PFT a few weeks ago and two people out of our platoon are seriously over weight and couldnt walk 1 and a half mile nevermind run it, couldnt do the minimum amount of pressups and sit ups required yet the PTI passed them!
  5. The TA (and regular army) are very good at selling themselves as a highly motivated and trained bunch of uberkomandos and when they deploy they usually are, but between now and then there are a lot of fat mongs to be weeded out on the way and some skiving to be done.

    Training tends to go in cycles, for a few months week night training will be well planned and relevant, then a few weeks of off the cuff lessons which are of little use. Its a lot do do with the personalities who are organising the training, and these change with promotions. We found that a good run or circuts on a Thursday night was enough.

    Dont get excited about the quality of training, 2 weeks live firing at camp, or a good overseas exercise will soon change your mind.

    And stay Infantry, its proper soldiering :twisted:
  6. IMHO, I could cite a lot of examples of individuals, squadrons and entire Regiments not behaving very professionally. However, if you lower your sights a little and realise that you get out what you put in then at times I found it very rewarding. And yes, the early bit is dull, and yes, they are behaving badly if nobody is directly 'looking after you' or involving you in the main group, even just as observers. Personally I'd stick it out as long as possible, as once you're trained you can have a little more say in the route you take and the things you do. To an extent it is what you make it. And I had some top times :D
  7. Well as a recruit you dont attend the same weekends and probably wont be doing the same stuff on drill nights as the rest of the bods , thats why you probs dont interact much. The feckers should be offering you up to the bar at 2100 though.

    The oldies used to tell me they didnt even talk to new recruits until they had earned it....offcourse that helps no body but in my unit i saw so many recruits come one week and go the next you get fed up of trying to welcome these people until your sure they show some commitment to your unit!

    Stick with it.... like ppl say, after training you can come and go as your work allows....when you get to go for lithuania for 2 weeks and fire more rounds than during WWII then get schloshed and perve on fit eastern europeans you will start to enjoy it!!!
  8. What he said.

    Plus if you complete your training, you could go on courses and even if you wanted possibly deploy with another unit. Eventually when you get promoted, you could be the one to make a difference

  9. Can you not travel to Gateshead / Newcastle?
  10. wah?
  11. Sounds like a familiar story, unfortunately.

    And if I had any kind of say in this weeding out half my SNCO's should be demoted to shit-shovler.
  12. change cap badge if you can, is there a reason that theres a clique, they maybe sussing you out, or they maybe a bunch of cnuts, the arm does have them, i've met a few, maybe going national TA is the route for you, you've obviously got what the army wants if your on your phase 1, good luck to you.
  13. When I was a young green siggie my life sounded pretty much the same as yours above. Recruits stood together, occassionally had lessons, the rest of the time were not even given bone jobs, but stood around the garages.

    One of the things which (in my humble opinion) makes us effective is camaraderie and reliance on each other. Some of the old and bold need to feel that they can trust you before they will open their arms (i.e. you have to "earn" the right to talk to them). This is not a slur on you, it's a self defence mechanism.

    As for fat knackers being passed on the PFT - screw them. They should be kicked out. We are asked to do 1 thing for ourselves - and that is stay fit.
  14. Robbo,

    Check your pms.

  15. I am going through the exact same thing now, the lack of proffesionalism and the arsing around is really getting to me and is interferring with my work causing me more stress then I need at the moment, however I have decided it will be better to ride it out til the end of training (CMSR) put up with the shit and just get training out the way asap, then when im trained I can decide wether to stay or go elsewhere... I imagine every unit is the same though, there are some really good people and there are some that are just a joke...

    I would say stick with it mate, if you don't you will probably regret it later.