Leaving the TA to join the Regs

Good afternoon all,
i'm hoping some more experienced person could offer some advice on this subject,

i have currently been in the TA for just over 18 months and i am set to attend my TA CMS(R) in may, but i have however been wishing to join the regs since before i joined the TA in 2007, i was kind of poached away from a regs recruitment stand by their TA equivalent

i do enjoy what i do with my current unit but i tire of civvy street and yearn for more, i have arranged to go to the careers office on monday to discuss the matter with a recruiter, but my main question is this..
should i carry on with my CMS(R) while also applying for the regs or jack that in? and any ideas of how i could broach the subject with my current CO

many thanks & regards
Praying Mantis
Heya PrayingMantis , Like yourself I'm also a TA soldier that is in the process of joining the Regs. I done my CMS in January and i just completed my class 3 Signal training a few days ago. I went to the careers office a few months ago and its frustrating as to join the Regs from the TA , you have to do all your paperwork over again , Application form , Security Clearance , BARB test and your medical and selection. I would recommend you complete your CMS because even though its alot different to Regular training it gives you experience and an insight into what to expect in the Regs , it will aid your admin , shooting drills and fieldcraft etc. Depending on what stage your at with your application with the Regs , it normally takes a few months before your selection date is given , and it takes a few weeks for your medical forms to clear , I applied for the Regulars in January and i have only just been given my Interview dates , so doing your CMS wont affect your application. Although you have to give your TA unit 3 months notice if you wish to leave , you dont have to leave the TA until you have completed Selection and get attested with the Regs , so therefore you could gain good knowledge and experience with staying in the TA and completing your training. Another idea could be to complete both your CMS and your relevant Trade course , and then either sign up for a tour or get attached to a regular unit and you may find that if you then want to join the regulars it will skip alot of the process out.
Be open and honest with your TA unit and Chain of Command.

They may be publicly disappointed that you are leaving, but privately they will be pleased.

Why not complete the CMSR, do your trade training then go on tour with the TA?

whilst away you'll get the best experience possible in your chosen job role, and if you still want to join as a regular soldier, you'll bypass phase 1 training and go straight to your regular trade training?

That's my plan anyway, i completed the CMSR just this saturday.
No TA unit should be truely dissapointed in you joining the Regular army, its quite common in our lot and goes to show the dedication that guys put in to want to do it full time. The only drama to the unit is pen pusher s who attack your retention without checking the facts, I look at joining the Regs more as a posting than a sign that the guy wants to leave the army

Be open and continue your training, it might take a year or so before you get in to the Regs and everything you do in the TA will help you later in life, honestly
Things seem to be going ok at the moment,
I was already in the system from being in the TA so I’ve already got the med forms all filled out, I’ve just got to get my Dr to do their part and then I’m going to talk to my CO this evening,

When I told them that I’m still doing the TA basic and i'm due to go to Pirbright for 2 weeks in may they said that it’d be a waste of time as things could be sorted by then and I could be on selection around that time and I only have to do a selection and BARB because I didn’t do them when I joined the TA as it wasn’t mandatory otherwise I could go straight on to phase 1.
All in all i could be in within a few months if all goes to plan

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