leaving the ta and bounty

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tink1, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i am planning on asking my other half to leave the ta due to family probs. how much notice does he have to give? Also he has done his camp this year and all weekends. What is the earliest he could hand his notice in and still get bounty??

    Would appreciate input.
  2. I've got a feeling you don't get a bounty in your final year but i could be wrong like i am in so many other things! Can't find anything on the net to back that up though.
  3. If the family problems don't actually stem from him being in the TA then consider suggesting he takes a sabbatical/leave of absence from the TA. Most unit will allow this; he'll need to go and see his OC and explain that he would like permission to not attend for 6 months or a year in order to sort out said problem. Speaking to the Padre about these things is often helpful, they might be able to point you in the right direction to sort things out. (They are there to help with these kinds of isses, not just bother God!)

    This way, he'll still get his bounty, if he's already qualified, and he will be able to return to the unit in his current rank etc. which might not be possible if he left and then rejoined. Its also a bit less of a drastic request than asking him to leave, so is likely to cause less of a row at your end too. He can still decide to leave whilst on LOA but it gives you both a bit of breathing space to make a sensible decision.

    Its obviously also better for the Army to allow him to do this, as they are more likely to get him back than if he leaves, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    As to bounty, whilst me and Rockhopper have disagreed considerably about the nature of TA pay in another thread, I agree that expecting a bounty after leaving is a bit jack. The bounty is a tax free bonus for continued service, he's already been paid (thats a big assumption actually!) for the training/camps he's done so I suspect that receiving the bonus as well is a bit optimistic.

    As far as I know there is no notice period required, except perhaps if warned off for deployment etc. It might take a few weeks to do all the paperwork though.
  4. hi, thanks for your replies. It is fine if he does not get the bounty, but obviously he would not want to miss it by leaving early if you see what i mean. If it is for continued service i see why he will not get it. He has had 12 yrs in TA and he is thinking of leaving anyway. will tackle subject when he gets back from camp.:)
  5. I know someone who had done all their ITD's / Camp etc, but because they handed their kit in before April he didn't qualify for his bounty as they told him (after the event) that you had to be in service to qualify.

    If he has fully qualified for his bounty I would hang fire on getting him to quit too soon.

    The advice about a LOA is well worth a moments thought though.
  6. If it helps Tink1 I know of at least 2 cases of people leaving in the November and still recieving their bounty. Think it was probably due to the fact that it looks good on the books.

    Not saying that this is policy or to get any hopes up but it does happen.
  7. I got my bounty for my final year despite being 4 months short of the year! completed all my ITDs etc
  8. I prefer to call it healthy debate! I haven't replied to the other thread yet but in answer to one of your questions i left the TA in 1991 when it became obvious that they were not going to use the TA in the Gulf and then reduced the number of training day to under 30.

    Re the bounty question though, we had a pay lecture on sunday and i'm sure something was said about if you take your bounty in your first year then you can't have it in your last. The character doing the lecture was going to work out the relative benefit in terms of interest to decide which was the best option. It might have been something to do with the problem of getting in enough days in your first year to qualify for bounty.
  9. I would suggest that he plays safe and does not dekit until Bounty is safely in the bank.
    Speak to the SPSI / Chief Clerk and double check that all Bounty Qualifying criteria have been met - MTDs, Camp, Matts etc
    If he is not "Bounty Qualified" then complete outstanding requirements straight away.
    If he is "Bounty Qualified" gather kit ready for hand back, keep in safe place, keep head down (ie do not train - but touch base with CoC to explain why no training) then when Bounty is in the bank hand kit in.
    From experience most SPSIs start to process the COCE paperwork end of Feb / beginning of Mar and first Bounty Pament run is in Apr
  10. Agree with above .

  11. Spot on :wink: