Leaving the Services under JPA

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PompeySailor, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Well, having left after 22 years in the last week, I have now been told that it could take up to 30 days to receive my final pay, pension payment and lump sum. The JPA help desk is unable to help (funnily enough) as they cannot "see" me on the computer yet. This is despite all the literature stating that the final payment is made within 10 working days of your final date (HMS NELSON A-Z Guide to Release, Section 04.1, just in case they need a reference....). In addition, you won't get a P45 for the same period (you need to fill out a P46 with a new employer) so you could get walloped on an Emergency Tax Code if you get another job on leaving. The RN tried to ensure that all personnel leaving between November and December completed their documentation early enough to ensure that there would be no hiccups, yet I have been told that they are having to fight almost every case on a case-by-case basis to get the records straight and get the payments made. Yet again, time served counts for nothing once the paper-shufflers get their hands on it all, and considering the amount of "office parties" and "christmas shopping days" they are all getting off, at least someone is having a fun time, rather than being sat on the phone trying to get it sorted out.

    Good news is that I kept a Government Procurement Card, which I have threatened to use if they don't sort their sh1t out. Be warned that when it comes to your time to transfer to JPA, no matter what your RAO staff do, you are going to be at the mercy of JPA...
  2. A sorry tale indeed and my sympathies go out to you PS. From your previous posts I would hazard a guess (maybe incorrectly) that as well as being a 'customer' (yuck!) of JPA you were also an employee of the Agency charged with its running. Did you run your concerns past your peers/superiors and if so what was their reaction (now you are a free man and not a number, it may be easier for you to answer!). I'm not passing judgement, but it would be interesting to see what the inside view is if you were one of the insiders! Oh, and best of luck with the new life!
  3. I thought with JPA someone just clicked 'delete' and you were out. Apparently it was put in in anticipation of the next round of defence cuts...
  4. My peers had printouts from here and PPRUNE about the problems, and they actually had everyone doing their release routines in September, three months early, because they knew that JPA would stuff the routines up. Trouble is that once again, we are not in control of this - it has been foisted upon us from a central location, it doesn't do what it is supposed to do, the support is dire, and there is very little that can be done because the MOD is tied up so deeply in contract law that even to fart out of line would cost them money. However, I have explained that if my £40K is late, outside the 10 days, then I will be taking the MOD to a small claims court for lost interest. My paperwork states quite clearly that the payment will be made "within 10 days", and no matter about Heidi on the support line saying that "we don't do that", it's in black and white. If I have to take this route, I will be posting the paperwork that people need on here and PPRUNE, already filled out, with the address that the papers need to be served on. I will also make sure that the media get hold of the fact that the MOD through incompetence are stuffing ex-Service people, and I will whack a letter through to the local MP, Peter Viggers, who also sits on the Defence Select Committee. I get treated better at ASDA (where I am filling in before starting my next job)!

    I'm a civvy now, and if they don't get this right, they can stick the OSA up their arrse (along with that signed by Jackson et al), and I will be more than willing to listen to best offers for anything else that the media may be interested in - many years working in the top of the tree with 2*s and upwards, plus having very open ears, tends to supply me with plenty of ammunition. But I should not have to be making threats just to get what I am owed!

    Loyalty works both ways, and I realised that I was worth nothing when my son did his two weeks work experience with me. He got a joining pack, a cup, mouse mat, bag, DVDs, leaving pack, etc. He got a certificate, framed, signed by 1SL.

    I did 22 years and got a certificate signed by 2SL. Can you see what the problem is?
  5. Right, now it gets strange. I sent an email to my ex-Boss yesterday (2*) with the details of the problems so far, and who appears to have heard anecdotal rumours of this happening. I checked my account this morning, and I have a pending BACS transfer for what appears to be the lump sum, less outstanding LSAP! However, no final balance of pay, no pension payments, and no letter from anyone explaining what payments are being made and when! I also mentioned the Small Claims Court action that would have been pending from tomorrow (headed off by the lump sum payment, thank you). Coincidence?

    I also got through to the compliant human (Steven Harvey) on the JPAC yesterday who actually took my details and gave me a Query Reference, better than the stupid tart (Heidi) who I am sure I was keeping awake, or stopping her from filing her nails. I know it's Christmas, but my Christmas spirit was ebbing fast enough such that if we were not fog bound at Gatwick I would have been tempted to get a flight to Glasgow to give her some customer face-to-face time....

    You need to keep on top of this if you are going out during the transition phase. Your RAO may not be at fault for the cockups that take place, but you need to make sure that you are pushing them all the way!
  6. Sounds like progress, PS.

    Hope it all gets sorted out, finally.

    It's amazing how legal action stirs people into action!
  7. I will do my last day in Aug 07 - should I worry? Is their something I should do or get copies of something beforehand in case of a cockup? We dont have JPA at my place yet and I will settle overseas.

  8. Get ahead of the game as quickly as possible. You can fill out the forms as early as you want, the only problems you may have is getting the medical/dental signing off. Keep copies of everything, and keep on their case. It will not be the fault of the RAO, it will be part of the JPA transition that causes the snags. If you are settling overseas, make sure that you have everything lined up and that you can afford to do everything you need without reliance on JPA. If they don't pay you, at least you will survive. We have people who put all their eggs in one basket, as it were, and JPA and it's inability to get things right has stuffed them up, with the best answer being "you shouldn't spend it until you have it." Very helpful.

    All you can do is prepare for the worst, unfortunately!