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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dunploddin, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. I have just been offered a very good job and want to leave as soon as I can. I am a senior with 15 years in and the time is right to go. I have to give 12 months notice, but I want to know if this has been challenged before by anybody and have they managed to get out any earlier. I am aware that I could get out in about 9 months but I want to go sooner. I think the 12 month thing must be illegal. Would appreciate any help. :?
  2. It's not illegal, it has been challenged. It comes under the usual "MOD exemption", based on turbulence. Bollocks, but apparently it stands up. There are ways of getting out earlier (legally). Simply submit notice, and ask to go early. Sometimes they may be grateful to get someone off the books (the RN were writing to everyone submitting notice at one point and asking them if they wanted to go earlier).
  3. As PS said, it is possible to get out a lot earlier if you have a firm job offer in writing, but if you're in a pinch point trade I'm fairly sure you have to dot he lot.
  4. The RN guys were being let go even without a firm job offer! The rationale was that it was cheaper to let these guys go than to keep paying them when they were no longer interested in the job. I was allowed to go on terminal leave early because there was one job, two incumbents as my relief turned up early, and it was silly to pay me HTDs, Subs, etc when they could simply let me do what I wanted, and save cash at the same time.

    Perhaps if you put your request in financial terms, they may be happy to have a closer look - everything these days revolves around them balancing budgets, even at unit level!
  5. dunploddin

    Congrats on having a job to go to. Make sure it states how long the offer is good for. Also what are you doing for accommodation? If you ahve to rent you will need to find references as soon as possible (outside of the service is best). When I was a senior I had access to my MRO which helped on this sort of subject even though I was medicalled out. Have you spoken to your link?
  6. Hi folks, thanks for the info. The employer can wait but this would eat into the total contract time, (2-4 years) which is why I need to go soon as possible. I dont think six months is too unrealistic! I like the sound of the RN approach.

    Honestly, what other company/employer does this and how does the Army get away with it? Having to give a years notice is very wrong. If you sign off and a job falls through you are snookered if they wont have you back and what regular employer will wait 12 months. I think this is where the Army has us by the short and curlies.

    Keep the info coming.
  7. The Army gets away with it because it is written into your Terms & Conditions of Service. And enforcing the Notice Period allows the "powers that be" to ensure that sufficient soldiers are available for filling LSNs (apparently!)

    The 12 monthis is probably due to the average time that it takes to train an individual ready for posting into the field force.
  8. Well when I was medic'd out in late 91 there were lots of women getting more money than they could spend for getting pregnant. I know a crab office who would screw in the phone box outside the Waddo main gate, on top of the control tower in broad daylight (got a photo of that) as well as many other public places day or night and she eventually was discharged pregnant. I'm on a paltry 40% pension so I was very p*ssed off, still am.

    I think whoever challenged this legally didn't go about it the right way. 12 month wait after notice might just be construed as not binding under the employment law covering contract terms and conditions (e.g. you have no choice but to accept this if you want to serve, a bit like the bints who got knocked up).
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    As PS says you can get out. Speak to your RAO. You will need to provide proof of employment and also agree to give up any rights to termial leave and re-settlement. I have just done a couple so I know it happens. However, as SV said, it depends on your trade.
  10. Thanks B_and_T

    What is the flash to bang time on this route?
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The last one I did, she was out in 2 months
  12. Surely PVR (Premature Voluntary release) is still an option? I havent been out that long and it was still around when I was in. Also I am sure with 15 years the cost was zero. The fastest we ever got some one out on a PVR was 3 weeks.
  13. As IT geek says, if your on the NOTENG engagement you can PVR - however if you are on the OPEN engagement I dont think you can.

    Could you not say you smoke crack on an evening and you can get booted out quickly!!