Leaving the OTC what now?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by steptoe, May 25, 2005.

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  1. I have now been in CUOTC for six wonderful years.
    More piss ups than i can remember and that LBV beer, oh how I will miss it.

    Now the question I pose is what to do after. I have been toying with the idea about joining the proper TA for a while now.
    So what do you guys think the best method of entry is?

    A) Transfer from the OTC as a J20/OCdt cadet
    B) Try and get 2Lt with the OTC, and then Transfer
    C) Join as a honest Tom and see how it goes

    Or just enjoy my money and slob?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Yeah I know..
  3. Honest tom, if the TA thinks your up for officer then surely they'll put you forward for it anyway.
  4. Medic/Dentist or chronic Failure
  5. Cheeky bugger, 4 year course. I live in cambridge any ways, so made sense to come back to help out.
  6. Depends on how well his local TA Unit supports the RTC DETAPO scheme. Youse fae embra have a bit of an advantage but HT may struggle to get connected in his part of the country.

    Try this link to the London District STT and phone their Officer Training Cell (Probably the 2nd best RTC in the country, although they may well have a different view. To be fair, they do have the best web pages. :D Hi Jennie :D ):

  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Transfer as soon as you can to the TA as a PO and see how the toms do their job and get to know their ways, then decide whether to get a commission or not. Being a PO will let you see more of the soldier and officer jobs available and let you make an informed decision on which path you want.
  8. They'll know that you're from an OTC and the TA will bully you into becoming an officer as soon as possible. They've even changed the admission process so that you do all of your early mods with other OCDTs instead of with the normal recruits like before.

    I wouldn't go in as an OTC officer though...go and visit them as a PO first. OTC qualified officers seem to get bad press. Can't think why...
  9. At your age and with your experience, you shoud consider this lot, Steptoe's next unit, I understand that they are recruiting.
  10. Only thing is that, certainly at UL we have a much larger budget for commisions than lond. dist. has and it is therefore easier to get it through the OTC, but getting very strong links with a unit of choice would be a very good idea, try and get on a few excercises with them.
    What did you do to land up doing 6 years?
  11. He's the unit ego boost, kept on to make everyone else feel beautiful. No better cure for low self esteem than standing next to steptoe.
  12. Have you thought about asking the unit you want ot join what they'd like you to do? They might decide they want you to go down a certain route etc.
  13. I was in the same boat years back. I found the life of a tom to be much nicer. Have you passed TACB (or whatever it is called this day). You cannot wear white tabs in a TA unit without a pass on this.

    The turnover of officers is really high, there are so many courses that they have to go off and do to get to Capt. There is a huge case of up up and out, whereas if you get a good trade you can go on forever. Life is much nicer as a passed over Sgt than as a passed over Capt, and life in the Sgts mess is much better. The number of graduates in the ranks varies from unit to unit but much higher than the regs. One of my buddies was being pinged a few years back to go though the system. Life as a Ssgt, where he is now, fits in a lot more with family and work life.

    Also depends on what cap badge you have an inclination towards?

    Most of all, I would encourage you not to waste the training to date and to continue to soldier on. You could always become one of the support staff, they must have slots for RLC or AGC toms!
  14. Its 0607 and i have to be at the beer festival cleenup tomorrow(not been bedded yet), otherwise my reason to quote the mod, im quite impressed with you guys, or you especially UQ(unless theres a party of moderators somewhere) u know the funky s*** and you give the information happily and freely.... keep up the good work guys... and steptoe......... u know i love you..... my advice is to fancy men....... just because of that special trust gary!!!! (PS Im guessin gary isnt his real name... its a quote from team america... just for you unknown to the world!!!!!) dirka dirka mohamed jihad