Leaving the mess on end of service, Mess bills and threats over non payment.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Dunenufftime, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am currently on resettlement but attached to an artillery Sgts Mess and am getting threatened with Xmas duties about non payment of my mess bill of £146.

    Thing is, I am not going to the Xmas ball which I know is a £180 refund which I am still waiting to get taken off my bill which will leave me £34 in credit.

    They are saying I have to pay then get back the £180 but I know they are a nightmare to get money back from.

    Do I have a leg to stand on?

    I also have paid into their presentation fund for 2 years but do not want a presentation from them. Can I offset future bills with this or will I again have to fight to get my own money back?

    Finally, is there a recognised point where I can officially leave the mess and stop paying bills as they are off on tour next march/april or am I stuck with it till my last official day of service?

    People in my admin office and mess are very unhelpful.


  2. My advice is put your explanation in writing to your Mess treasurer and then it should be sent to the RSM, for a decision. Look at it this way, they are legally oblidged to give you refunds even if you have to pay upfront first. Also, If you dont want a presentation again legally they have to give your money back. Any dramas threaten legal action, they will soon pay up.

    Edited to add - Make sure you get your response in writing.
  3. Just a couple of points.....

    If you are due a refund then I would hang on until the next mess bill. If it's not on there then take it up with the mess accountant. Have they seriously threatened you with Xmas duties on the basis of non payment of a mess bill? If so, then it's an illegal punishment. Tell them that and if they still stick it on you, then it's service complaint time. If they want to do you, then it's either MAA or Charge (neither of which is likely to stick).

    As for offsetting your presentation, then that is a matter for you to take up as a local agreement, if they don't want to pay ball then you'll have to pay the bills but take the presentation.

    Finally, AIUI, you are a member of the mess until your last day of service, you pay until then.
  4. Wise words from verticalgyro..
  5. Having left recently, I was informed that I was expected to pay Mess fees up until the point I commenced terminal leave. Having said that, I was only paying a very basic mess bill at the time, so had no reason to challenge it. I am sure it will be written down somewhere in the Army Pay Manual or JSP??? whatever it is called nowadays. It seems harsh they are expecting you to pay up for a function that you have already declared you are not attending. The threat of Christmas duties is bollauex in my humble opinion, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Unless of course, you are doing your fair share of duties as you are still serving! Are you an attached arm by any chance? Although we are only getting your side of the story, it all seems rather pedantic.
  6. Infiltrator, the next bill is AFTER the duties they are threatening me with.

    Verticalgyro, I have been in CREDIT on my mess bill from January till september when I stopped paying as they said I was due refund and as I have been away on resettlement courses etc have not been to the mess to see a bill as I assumed I was in credit again. I always pay as its only basic costs (Although almost £50 per month) as I never go in the mess anyway as I live so far away and don't drink alcohol due to medical reasons.
  7. Yes attached arm slipperman. I do as many or more duties than most anyway as I am usually available when not on resettlement.
  8. £180!!! where is the mess function, Vegas????
    As explained, you are required to pay a mess bill until the day you start terminal leave.
    I often get mess members asking for the presentation to be paid in cash, which they usually then stick behind the bar.
    I think this requires a closed-door chat with the RSM, and unless he is a complete tool, or stuck in the victorian era which some are, you should be able to sort it out amicabally (spelling!)
    Extra duties - I supposed you could get AGAId, but then if you chose to challenge it and explained that the mess owes you money etc.. wouldn't be worth the hassle for the RSM/ Accountant etc.
    Good luck.
  9. Maybe you should have paid your mess bill each month and not let it get to £146, then you could have strolled in on your last day before terminal leave and left with £180.

    A fellow WO1 who was the presiding member of our mess stood up in a mess meeting and talked about those that didnt pay their mess bills and told us all that 'mess debtors were sucking off the other mess members who paid their bills each month', I didnt know whether to be relieved that theyd missed me out or gutted that Id been left out!
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  10. I stopped paying mess bills in september as I SHOULD have been in credit but have not been about to check until I got a shitty phonecall full of threats today.
    I have never drank in the mess or racked up a debt deliberately.
  11. I guess I will have to try ringing RSM in morning as still on a course miles away from camp and its physically impossible to "Get it payed by 10am or else" as the "Request" was. lol.
  12. Mate, I was almost with you until you finished off your post with "lol". I thought you said you were a SNCO? :)
  13. So I'm a young 39 and down with the kids. Not all SNCO's are stuffy old barstewerds. :)
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  14. It used to be a requirement though,innit!!! lol..lol..lol...lol...

    former W.O..........LOL.

    Good luck with civvy strasse mate,
  15. now, I see the problem here, you should have continued to pay your mess bills until you leave the mess. At what point did you inform the mess that you wouldnt be attending the christmas function? usually you tell them that youre not going and they dont charge you for it. £180 is very expensive for a mess function!