Leaving the Forces? Move to Oxfordshire!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Oxfordshire County Council has pledged its support to military personnel.
    The Armed Forces Community Covenant aims to encourage charities, councils, businesses and residents to support personnel and their families.
    The authority has already set aside £100,000 for a project to support service leavers resettling in the county in 2011-12.

    BBC News - Military support scheme launched in Oxfordshire
  2. A whole 100k? There are 3 and a half loggie regiments plus Brize Norton, plus a few minor units in Oxfordshire. Can't see it being a massive success.
  3. You can't come, I'm here.

    There's enough ***** here already. Move on there's nothing to see (and claim)
  4. Why have a cull in Didcot and let a load of ex services settle there. Hang on, thinking about it, let the squaddies move in and do the cull at the same time? :)
  5. What he said.

    Although there are masses of pikeys here in the north that could do with some 'company'.

    Maybe it's not such a bad idea....
  6. 3.5? Aren't you forgetting some?
  7. I was refering to the larger ones, 3, 4 and 23 (12 being the half) If you mean 11 EOD, although based in Didcot seems to have bods all over the place.
  8. It could be used it as a trials system in Didcot and then rolled out across the rest of the country...

    ...Then Europe, then the rest of the world! :)
  9. Seen.

    And 10 (letters, not QOGLR)
  10. the Gurkha's seem to have copped onto this Armed Forces Community Covenant years ago, and Aldershot is now formally known as Nepaldershot.
  11. A cull in Didcot? Oh yes!

    Just blow up the Broadways on a Saturday night and you've got the chav element. Demolish the Marly Club & the Wally Arms any weekday lunch time and you've scooped the doley scroungers as well. Job done! :nod:
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  12. Instant sunshine for Blackbird Leys.
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  13. Fat Cav and vvaannmmaann; I feel we should maybe test out our plans on High Wycombe first - at least we couldn't do any damage :)
  14. High wycombe is a good call, maybe you could focus your efforts around the Frogmoor area first and then Handy cross sports centre only coz it looks ugly (does it still?)
    However i feel Littlemore should not be left out nor rosehill (east oxford)
    Oh the agony of choice so many targets such little time!!

    Kind regards,

    R M
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