Leaving the country for 28 + days - a problem?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by inspired, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi!

    I recently spent a lot of time trying to pick between the army and the RAF and eventually was swayed over to the RAF. However, there was an immediate problem there - because I have left the country for a period of greater than 28 days (I did Camp America last year) I cannot get past their security system for some reason.

    I can't see anything on the army's website about this and I have phoned up their helpline - the guy I spoke to said he had never heard of this being a problem with them and that he didn't think they went through the same security people as the RAF.

    So, does anyone have any experience with this? I will be going and talking to my local center when I can but I was hoping some of you wise folk would know.
  2. Why the RAF find it a problem i do not know, especially when it is a joint force application form that you complete and it doesnt present a problem to the Army.

    Defence vetting is joint force and the same regulations apply for security with regards to residency and nationality etc.

    As far as the Army is concerned, if you have been out of the country for more than 28 days and it can be supported via an AFB203 (request for special permission to enlist) then it is fine.

    Chances are the RAF are fobbing you off ;)

    First and foremost, are you applying for a job that requires SC Clearance, i assume with the RAF you were, and secondly how long were you out of the UK for?
  3. Yes the fact that it is the same form for all three is what made me immediatley believe that I'd run into the same problem with the army, but then I had a look around and I found that other people who ran into the same problem with the RAF had had no problems getting into the navy so I though I would actually phone them up and ask! The army just told me that they don't do things the same way as the RAF and when I called them they couldn't seem to work out why it would be a problem whereas the RAF immediatley flagged it up, but still, it IS the same form...

    With the RAF I was just applying for personnel support! I was out for exactly 11 weeks - 9 weeks in America, 2 weeks in Canada.
  4. I hope it's not a problem as I'm currently in Australia for a year and I intend to apply as soon as I get back.
  5. I'm no expert on such matters, but maybe my situation will offer some hope?

    I recently spent 3 years in South Africa, and came back to join the Army. I chose to go in as RLC Ammo Tech which has resiency requirements and security checks. Essentially, after a fantastic effort by my Recruiting Officer spanning the best part of a month, the residency period was waived, and I passed security checks. Yes a stressful month, but well worth it!

    I think if you go in to the Recruiting Office with the right attitude, your Officer will do everything they can to help you.

    Best of luck.
  6. To anyone wondering, I went ahead and visited the local office today.

    I was told me that I COULD apply for things requiring security checks but it would take double the amount of time and due to the recession it was unlikely as there are enough people applying that don't need them at the moment! I knew intelligence would be a big issue and he said he didn't know if there was really any point at all trying to get in for that, but pretty much everything I brought up required one! I was also told that they didn't have a blanket ban like the RAF and there were some things I could apply for - naturally none of which were the areas I was really interested in!

    I obviously realised Intel would be a hard one to push for but still :(

    Thank you for the reply normg002, the hope is appreciated! Though I am thinking at this rate it will be more likely if I just wait the few years!
  7. 11 weeks out of the country wouldnt stop an officer getting in (bearing in mind that lots of univeristy graduates go back packing for months post uni), so i do not see why you couldnt apply.

    The only thing that is stopping you applying for SC jobs is a phone call from your recruiter i can assure you ;)

    The RAF however i would not be qualified to comment on as i do not know their regulations, but even then if they were in need of people for that job i am sure they could have done something.

    And as far as the current climate affecting how long it takes to get checks done, they are leading you up the path, its jobs that we are short of which means that any cap badge that has SC jobs within their structure can afford to stick to the regulations 100% without fear of damaging their recruitment, whereas before they would have been more inclined to allow you in.

    11 weeks out of the UK is nothing :)
  8. What you can't get in cos you went out the country?

    I fecking well start next week after I went travelling for 3 months.....
  9. It comes down to a couple of things in my opinion.

    The inability of a recruiter to read the regulations

    The inability of a recruiter to use a phone

    The inability of a recruiter to want to do the paperwork

    The inability of a recruiter to apply common sense

    Not necessarily in that order, but the easy option for most offices at the moment would be to give you a blanket statement that reads something like "The Infantry are the only ones recruiting at the moment, you can join them as you do not need SC clearance"

    When in actual fact if you have a permanent residence in the UK and have only left temporarily (as in this case), an AFB203 raised in respect of residency would have sorted any drama with a Security application as it would have been viewed as nothing more than a holiday.
  10. Hi my names Ross i've posted before on here was just curios to something the last year i have been traveling 8 months south east asia and australia and Im currently in thailand again now when i come to apply will the lenght of time I have been away affect my application?

    many regards Ross