Leaving the Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Biffta112, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Biffta112

    Biffta112 Old-Salt

    Im leaving the Corps in the next few weeks to go and be an Infanteer and wanted to say bye to everyone that I have worked with over the last 12 years.

  2. DMan

    DMan Old-Salt

    Wouldnt it be better if you did this face-to-face rather then on a internet forum?
  3. Brit_Bulldog

    Brit_Bulldog Old-Salt

    With everyone on the site? Could take some time.
  4. hmmm

    hmmm Old-Salt

  5. Is that legal?
  6. Tobers

    Tobers Old-Salt

    Don't leave Dan, you are my bezzer. I would ******* die for you brother. You don't understand how much you mean to me. How can you leave after all of this? **** you.
  7. Arters

    Arters LE

    Tell the truth, you are jumping before you are pushed.
    What will be your new username on here, when you become one of the Roughy
    Toughy Sowjers?

    May I suggest 'Sorearrse' 'coz they'll fcuk you from Arrsehole to Breakfast.

    I can picture you bollock naked, standing on the table in the Naafi singing...

    "I'm a little Bleepy, tall and thin, bend me over and ram it in"

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  8. Dan,

    Hope all is well with you and your lass. Is it the Yorks you are off to? If so I had an email off J today, he's ******* hating Cyprus. How's that ******* pretend Para knob you brought with you? Has he been filled in again yet?

    I shall always remember that crappy little room we shared in Shorabak & your truly dire taste in music.



    Remember: "The Emperor protects"
  9. Make sure you get the biggest Jimmy tattoo you can before you transfer. The infantry love that kind of thing, apparently.
  10. Djbutler

    Djbutler War Hero

    Better than transferring to civy street methinks!. Good luck.
  11. Biffta112

    Biffta112 Old-Salt

    Skinny!! Clearly you dont know me!!!! Cheers you fckuing Cnut! I can picture you, either some old bitter loser or some TA cnut I took through phase one training!!!
  12. I concur, Dan is a right chubby ******!
  13. Biffta112

    Biffta112 Old-Salt

    Cheers mate!!! Will send a PM shortly!
  14. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    You've made the right choice, the Infantry are Gods among men, don't worry about Arters he's a BCCWW.
  15. Arters

    Arters LE

    Fcuk me, this Traitor knows me..............TA, ha, I think not, research is a fine thing,
    pity you haven't mastered the art.

    On your own admission you are not a Racing Snake, fear not, our Inf. boys don't
    care what size you are, they'll still fcuk you, just for being an ex ScaleyBack,
    summat to do, see!