Leaving the Army

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by JATTWA1, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. My son is leaving the army at the end of october does anyone know what he should be doing as no-one is giving him any advice.
  2. How old is he, and if he is a senior, why is he getting his mum to post in here?
  3. He seems to be going on what info he's been given (which isn't a lot) & I came across this site while looking up some info for him on leaving, thought there might be someone out there who can offer some advice
  4. Tell him to go to the NAAFI and ask the cleaners .. they know everything. All hail the NAAFI cleaners!
  5. If you answered the questions, we might be able to help.

    Oh, and Aramark are probably the best people to ask.
  6. Tell him he can come home and stay with you. He will be well looked after and when he's ready he can go out and get a job with the rest of civvy street. Alternatively advise him that the Army really doesn't give a fukc about people who are leaving so had better do a reality check on what life on the outside is like.
  7. That actually is a very truthful answer, sad but true.
  8. you are all so negative, I left the army last year after 23 years and come to think of it, youre right, they really dont give a toss.

    They do look after you from the moment you join up and onwards until the grave, but you get the feeling that once youve handed in your ID card, as far as they are concerned youre dead.
  9. Apart from the (thankfully) small percentage who are severly damaged when they leave the majority of us will depart the mob intact, so one has to ask why should they care-they pay us a pension (immediate or reserved). Can't see WH Smiths worrying about Mrs Jones who manned the tills at Morcombe for 20 years after she has gone, or Joe Scrote who stacked boxes for a couple of years before going off to do something else. Personally I don't expect much after I've left as long as the money keeps coming in.
  10. didn't the army screw you out of your resettlement grant?
  11. yep

    by the way, anyone leave the army last year and receive the paper work for VENG Long today? or their Service Leavers Pack (supposed to arrive 6 months before your last day) last week? I did, shocking admin going on 'somewhere' in Scotland!
  12. Your son's unit will have a ressettlement officer, or if he is part of a really small unit, he can always visit the Local Army Education Centre and seek advice from the ressettlement education officer there. If he has served less than 12 years, he may not be entitled to much. Try these links, which may or may not be useful. (Depending on your sons personal circumstances).



    Good luck and 'happy reading'.