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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bezzabing, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. I am signing off the army in may 2013 so would be out in 2014 may at my 12 year point as a level 5 c higher band pl what half pension will I get and what will I be intiledtel to ? Can you help
  2. When you 60
  3. Write in person to SPVA for a detailled forecast, else use the JPA pension calculator for your entitlements
  4. Army half pay pension is payable between ages 18 and 55, so that's 37 years or 1/74 for each year.
    Multiply your annual pay by the number of years you have served over the age of 18 and divide by 74. You will get that at aged 60 (or 65, or 67, or 68 or whatever age future governments decide to raise it to).
    eg. Pay 20,000 a year and you have done 12 years. So that's 20,000 x 12 = 240,000/74 = £3243 ish.
  5. Which pension scheme are you on, 75 or 05?
  6. I am on 75
  7. SPVA who are there and where do I get the address plz I am in Afghanistan at the moment
  8. Bb, There is no such thing as half pension, you will receive a Resettlement Grant c£9000 and then you will get a Preserved Pension at 60/65, providing you claim it. So think very seriously about your decision, have you got a well paid job with a good pension to go out to?
  9. If I got my 5 and 8 year money does that come of the 9000 and what do I get at 60 a month?
  10. Pensions Div
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    Write to them (in person) ie not a mucker or an officer requesting your pension forecastm, they will send you a breakdown of your Resettlement Grant, no payment till you are 60, then an uplift at 65 I believe, but this will be explained to you in the letter and or pack you will receive, else use the Pensions calculator available on the JPA Splash screen or if JPA unavailable then get a HRA to do a notional input on your behalf but again this will only show a generic forecast and may not take into consideration any uplifts in pay or payment from a specialised pay scale ir Nurses, SF etc
  11. Thank you some one told me I get 10000 when I leave as is this true ?
  12. Are you a fucktard? You've been advised what to do and you keep asking bone questions based on some bollocks you've been told?

    Write to SPVA Pensions Div for a forcast & join the Forces Pension Society.

    Now I understand why The Snail starts smacking naughty boys' legs with fury!
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  13. To be fair, anyone who manages to spell "entitled" "intiledtel" has to be a little bit special
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    Have a look at paymaster's quote.