Leaving the army

I am getting out of the army and i have served 12 years and im a sapper. I am trying to find out when i should be booking my termial leave and resettlement leave.

I would also like to find out about my 12 lump sum, i have been told that its a lump some of around £9000 and i have also been told that its a extra resettlement grant of around £5000 which i get in my last pay packet. I would ask people in unit but they are deployed at the moment.
make sure that you are entitled to terminal leave first! it isnt an entitlement (depending on how long youve served!), if youve done less than xx years then its up to the CO whether you get any and how much!

£5000 resettlement grant? not in your hand it isnt. You need to get yourself on a finacial aspects of resettlement briefing. Fill in a MOD F1173, see your IERO for a briefing and get the ball rolling, dont listen to the lad at the bar, after all, unless he's left the army how would he know what youd get?

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