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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chef88, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi just thought i would ask if any one has a copy of a standard letter that i need to write to leave phase one training? Regards
  2. Weak individual....
  3. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have to ask, why do you want to leave ? One of the hardest parts is taking the courage to walk through the gate in the first place - don't quit now !

    If you having problems or there are issues at home talk to your platoon staff.
  4. Mate, phase 1 can be pants but it is all just a big game that every one of us has had to play at some point. Give it some thought as you may well be not let back in if you do get out.

    Im an ex trg instructor, if you want any more advice PM me.
  5. it has nothing to do with the army or me struggling far from it i just made the mistake of the fact i am a very good civvy chef, and i joined the army to do a gun ho job to what end? I will do it for x amount of time then come out with nothing i can use in civvy street. And before you say be a army chef i dont fancy cooking beans for the rest of my life :/
  6. STN - do you know the background to this request? Do you have any idea about this individuals character? No?...then perhaps it would be a good idea to find out before making such a crass statement.

    BA has said it takes a great deal of courage and effort to walk through the gates in the first place. At least this individual has tried, sometimes it takes a greater level of courage to try something and be prepared to admit that it is not right for you or you for it.

    That said - Chef, do as BA has suggested and speak to people before you make a final decision. It was never going to be easy, take ALL the help you can get before deciding to give it up.
  7. Call me picky but if you jack it in now then surely cooking beans is exactly what you'll be doing for the rest of your life?

    I may be a fat, middle aged IT guy now but as someones signature on this site says: "I may be a has-been but its better than being a never has-been"
  8. this is where i have made a mistake i have been lucky and worked all over london and the UK i worked in the goring, i worked for one of gordon ramsay's ex head chef's i have a good cv so i wouldnt cook beans for the rest of my life and i wouldnt allow my self to end up in some cafe cooking beans on toast to order!
  9. Cheer up (I've actually been waiting for someone to pull me up on that comment).

    Chef88 - talk to anyone who has served in the forces before, or still serving now. Nobody would change it for the world, even guys who didnt have such a good time of it say they would still do it now if their time came round again.

    If you are a good chef, then thats a qualification you can pick up again when you leave. Why not enjoy your four years in the army, and if you still feel like leaving then do so. I guarantee you will make great friends, improve your whole outlook on life and your own character, and do a job you can be really proud of. Then you can tell your chef mates on civvie street all your war stories at your next kitchen.
  10. at phase 1 you have to write a letter?

    will not an interview with pl oc suffice?
  11. no we have to hand in a letter :/ i will get a copy back on base thanks for all the advice ladies and gents!
  12. Thats great, you'll have the birds falling over themselves with chat-up lines like that...... :roll:

    If you get home from your shift at the eatery to find your missus being spit roasted by a couple of her majesty's finest don't say I didn't warn you.

    have a nice uneventful life.
  13. Should be able to get a copy at the job centre, just walk in and shout " are there any spineless losers in here who bailed out of army training at phase one ?"

    I know what this is, its the post chrimbo blues, you've been home and seen your mates and their still calling you a cnut for signing up, well let me tell you sonny boy in the army you'll be a winner !! D' you hear me ?? A winner, a legend with the ladies and a member of the best damn regiment in the world. Don't bail now you did the hardest part coming to us for advice, and that advice is breath deep, man up and soldier on.

    God if I was ten years younger.... 8O
  14. You would be 75? :p
  15. Don’t bail out,

    Seriously, you will have sleepless nights with all the 'would of, could of, should of' questions you'll ask yourself.

    Take the Army for what it is, a fantastic place to learn huge amounts about yourself, in many different environments in very testing circumstances (and gat paid relatively decent money for it)

    You've achieved a lot by getting in, you've achieved a lot by getting this far, however, Phase 1 is not the real Army or anything like, give the real thing a crack.

    Even if you decide you want to continue your civilian profession after 4 years, you'll have such a wider experience of life to draw from, to be honest, with the good light that the forces are being shown in now, (H4H, The Military Awards etc) your time in will stand you in much better stead for a successful civilian career.

    All the serving and ex serving soldiers on this site will urge you to stay in, being in the Army is a fantastic opportunity that most civvies will never understand. Basically to have a damn good laugh, meet friends who will do anything for you, travel and see different parts of the world on exercise and on operations and get paid to do it.

    Its an exclusive club, don’t miss out on it.

    If that doesn’t make you think twice, man the fuck up