Leaving the Army - what do I whinge about?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Victorian_Captain, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Your truly will shortly leave Crown employ.

    I had previously thought it perfectly normal to just hand in the MoD 90 and attic worth of green crap that I have accumulated and poke off. However, that is no longer the norm. Today's officer goes with a bang, slating some element of our job and gaining a few column inches and an irked comment from CGS (who I can shortly call 'Rick' if I choose).

    It started with that evil chippy turncoat Eric Joyce who (I am sure) just wanted an easy ticket out of Stalag Upavon. But now even lowly Captains are welcomed by the media as 'Senior Army Officers' and their opinions are apparently valued.

    Trouble is, I'm not all that unhappy. So my whinge is up for grabs. The most compelling tirade about our lot to appear on this thread will become mine - and I shall incautiously leak it to the gutter press.

    So, enter the competition. 'I am leaving the Army because....' (In not more than 50 media-friendly words).

    Some ideas:

    ...because I want to think, not regurgitate, and the MK package does not do justice to my available grey matter.

    ...because I watch us become run by budgeteers who listen to consultants and ignore us.

    ...because I have watched a few COs and don't fancy their lot. Who aspires to Regtl command any more?

    ...because I see people go on fatuous cuddly ATRA (or whatever it is called this week) courses whilst we could spend the money on ammo to kill those stakeholders we touchingly used to call 'The Enemy.'

    You see? Not bitter enough - not headline material.

    So, thoughts please.
  2. At last someone who can see through the shi'ite that the Ministry of Dafties educate you in.Half of the idiots at the MoD have never actually served on active service as the seem to think that they are above all that and that the subordinate will do as they are told anyway.You have made a wise move, go out and be your own man. Good Luck tae ye.
  3. "Because the bonds of honour and loyalty have been subverted by the careerist agendas of senior officers and politicians, treating soldiers and junior officers as expendable counters in their ruthless lust for power and so-called glory. Young men are dying in foreign fields, inadequately equipped, inadequately supported, and betrayed."

    50 words.... (49 if you count the hyphenated 'so-called' as one, not two...)
  4. I work in the NHS and it's the same there. I hope you are choosing your next occupation well.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Because you have reached the end of your 'time' in green. Now the youngsters have to take on the mantle of serving Auntie Betty and you have to sit in the grumpy corner.

    It is not easy, but it is inevitable.

    Well within 50 words, but you have years of experience which should be of use in Civ Div, so please choose wisely.
  6. because I would prefer to work in the security industry or as a bursar in a minor public school like other ex-Army officers who think the grass is greener and everyone will be desperate to employ them, but come in for a bit of a surprise. :wink:
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Because you have the urge to bring your experience to bear on the TA and can't wait to ensure that they are truly part of the 'One Army' concept :) by buggering them around as much as the Regulars are.
  8. Not sure about the last two! :D
  9. Dear Rick,

    Having discovered - somewhat to my astonishment - that I actually quite like my wife and family, I find myself no longer desirous of the chance to spend months apart from them, compensated only with the chance to play Figure 11 to some teenaged wnaker with an AK47 and a chip on his shoulder. Moreover, having my career progress placed at the whim of an arrsehole with a God complex and my personal administration put at the mercy of the underfunded bastard child of an Amstrad PC64 has not motivated my continued service.

    I have the honour to be,
    Your obedient Servant (for just a few more weeks)

  10. Nice - but not topical enough. We all know that JPA is going to be an utter, utter balls-up. It just isn't going to be headline news until it is going wrong. I need something topical for that 30 seconds of Warholian fame (unlikely to get 15mins) on Newsnight.

    How about 'I'm terrified, not of getting shot, but afterwards of contracting MRSA in a civvy hospital as I lie fearful of being accosted by some swarthy loony who regards me as a murderer?'
  11. Because 'As a member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces I fulfilled my part of the bargain, in putting up with hardship, danger and disadvantage, but the country has not fulfilled its part of the bargain, in providing decent resourcing, support and, most of all, respect'.
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Now, that has merit. Well done Dilfor! Anything like this that points up the broken nature of the military covenant would be most apt.
  13. I've got to bite - but thanks for the post. I hate this notion of respect and the even more poisonous notion of disrespect. I can pass through my life quite happily without demanding nor needing the doses of respect that pass for normal these days.

    I haven't necessarily respected those 'set over me' (in the words of the oath, I think) but I have obeyed their lawful orders.

    I don't respect my Government but have kept my dissent dignified and legal.

    I don't respect the youth culture which despite immaturity and a willingness to squander precious childhood screams for respect.

    I don't respect the tenets of Islam but will happily let them abide if they leave me in peace.

    Et cetera.

    People who demand my respect regardless of my opinion are asking for a free ride. To me, respect implies that I signal approval, however grudging. It is therefore a very personal thing. I respect War Veterans, the immense dignity and mananimity of the Amish last week, and so on.

    I don't believe that a reciprocating part of the pact with the British people need be respect. I would be happy with copious amounts of your earlier commodity - support.
  14. I like the cut of your jib. It must be your promotion to field rank - congratulations BTW. Why leave now with that hefty pay rise? :D

    You are, of course right - 'respect' is a loaded word in its modern usage, and I agree it can only ever be earned, not demanded, so is wrong here.

    I do think, however, that 'support' doesn't quite cover what I perceive to be the loss of (rightful) status previously accorded to those who served their Monarch under arms (putting Kipling to one side for a moment). Put simply would you be happy with the 'now there's your equipment and nice hospitals, now f**k off and die like we're paying you to; we don't want to hear any more about all your boring supposed tragedies/sacrifices'.

    Is 'recognition' too strong?
  15. ..because i'm sick of fighting for a country that doesn't apprecite what it has got and what we are fighting for. I can quite ahppily pass on the oppotunity to get shot and blown up in theatre, and returning to get stabbed in the back by the government!