Leaving the Army for sensible money!!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by markc4133, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Where are the ex-forces go to work on the Private Security sector.. www.proshieldint.com is where. There is a database for everyone from medics, close protection to bomb disposal. EliteBase is based in the UK, but has offices in Rome and Baghdad.

    People are earning from £250 a day to upto £1000. Can anyone miss this!! Laters
  2. yep me

  3. Blatant advertising!!! :evil:
  4. I can miss it too. My middle class, well paid, flexi timed existance more than makes up for a faux military job, and most benifits of being a proper civvy cannot be quantified finacially, such as every weekend off, more leave than the army offers, as well as the aforementioned flexi-time, a house I own, a social life and the ability to book tickes to a concert\festival 6 months in advance and
    know I can actually attend it.
    Beats the crap out of sand between your bum-cheeks.
  5. beats the hell outa getting your head chopped off live on al-jazeera too!!! :?
  6. There is a shop just round the corner from where I live. I can pop round there anytime for milk, papers or perhaps some biscuits.

    At no time do I need to worry that some wild eyed loon is going to jump out and blow himself up and kill me as I ponder the fig rolls/choccie biscuits debate. You can keep your 200 quid a day.
  7. Yer pays yer money, yer takes yer chances. I'd be a little wary of any company which includes this in its' brochure FAQ section, though:
    (my colours)

    Maybe the site's been hacked. Even so, you should never have to pay a recruitment agency; they make their profit from fees paid by employers, not prospective employees. Avoid.
  8. Dudes

    How negative..
    Clearly you are happy with your existances as they are..
    Shame that I'm on £10,000 a month because of these guys..

    Shame that I spend 2 hours in the gym a day, and work occasionally!
    Shame that I have 3 houses in Rome, 2 in London, one on the Thames..
    Its sad that I paid the meager £25 for a year of discounts on kit, that I got a free flight to Europe, even a free IPod present for Christmas..

    Yep.. I'm sure there is a typo with the killed personnel bit..
    Keep fighting the system.. if you are afraid of of abit of trouble occasionally then leave the work to the professsionals..

  9. marc, you are a t!t.
  10. Feeling mellow this evening m'lud? 8O
  11. Location: Baghdad.

    Says it all. No thanks.
  12. guys - heres a tip for anyone looking for work via recruitment agencys:


    I have checked out that website and am very suspicious for the following reasons:

    1. Mentions companies being able to look at your cv but dosnt allow you to download it onto the site.
    2. Look at "contact us" section - "office" in Surrey, but no legit landline phone/fax numbers, they are all mobiles that appear to be disconnected when i called them.
    3. They might ask for £25 upfront, but no mention of the £250 they want for each years membership when it expires.
    4. All freebie contacts seem to be links with no concrete evidence of any discount codes for e.g to quote when purchasing goods etc...
    5. Who's to say that guy isnt the owner of that site out to make a few bucks, and by the sounds of it some have already helped him purchase his houses!
    .......no one likes a bragger eh!!!
    6. Also check out the www.companieshouse.gov.uk website - they keep records of what companies are up to date. Just as a precaution if you are thinking of parting with your hard earned money, check it out (its free and you get instant update on any companies records).

    by the way, I work the circuit and have never heard of this website before. does anyone else know of it? maybe its new, - but even so, it looked a bit suspect to me if you know what i mean.

    Type in psc into google instead and do some cold calling to individual companies. then buy yoursef a few beers with the money you have saved yourself!
    I have heard of a recruitment agency called minimal risks - never used them myself, but a couple of mates have, and got job offers .
    To be honest, a lot of it is who you know in this business, and unfortunately not what you know, but hope this saves a few people making a possibly bad decision.
    Do the research first before committing.
  13. You aren't on 10k a month mate. And the houses story is bollox as well.
  14. Walt alert!!
  15. Another problem with this website is that under the contact us, the site offers a mobile number with an Iraqi International dialing code +964 but the following numbers are allocated to Vodafone 7901. Approach with caution me thinks!