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Anyone in here with some experience with Council House waiting lists? Got a little time left and need to get on the waiting list. Is it right that our time in quarters helps us some how?

Any tips/advice welcome. Thanks.


My council (TVBC) just responded with this: Unfortunately time in Married Quarters does not give you any extra priority.

Not happy...and there is a huge waiting list :( another perk of living in a MQ.
I was musing on this the other day. My cousin has recently bought her council house under the 'right to buy' system and got approximately £100K off the purchase price (about £185K) because she has lived there for 14 years. In effect, that is a cash gift from the taxpayer of £100K or, if you really want to take into account the rent paid (albeit with no liability to pay for repairs etc herself) then you could probably reduce that to about a £40K gift.

There was a story in the paper at the weekend, although I can't remember who it was who was banging on, possibly Cameron, about extending the right to buy to all council house tenants with a sliding scale of discounts based on length of residence. I think there is a lot of mileage in lobbying to have time in MQs counted as council house time, in its entirety, both for the purposes of getting a house on discharge (treat you as if you were any local council tenant who is being re-housed for some reason) and for a discounted right to buy.

You should write to your MP and ask what his party's position is on this and ask him to ask the Minister in question to justify the treatment of soldiers who are unable to afford to buy a house whilst in service, pay rent like a council tenant, yet are denied the right to buy. It is worth a shot, especially if you have a Labour MP, because they need to be seen to be keeping the forces sweet (before we stage the inevitable coup).

Genuinely - engage your MP, and copy any correspondence to the Armed Forces Federation - this is exactly the sort of thing that it has utility for.

Although it did use to be easier for forces personnel to keep their names on the local housing list of their choice, I am not sure that "time in married quarters" as such ever gave extra priority. Others may like to comment.

The Council are not, I gather, refusing you the right to be on the waiting list.

The main thing about "time in married quarters" is that it counts towards the discount calculation on buying a council house. (Obviously no use until you have a council house.)

I see that TVBC, like many other councils, have transferred their housing stock to an outside body. More details at http://www.tvhomes.org/
drain_sniffer said:

Can I suggest you look through the above link and PM Hitback - He has all the knowledge regarding this
I am sure that Hitback will be very helpful.

There are common factors, but as described by P3HO, it is not necessarily an identical problem.

ISTR that Hitback's excellent campaign has been mainly about the entitlement to be treated as a statutory "homeless person" in the area on the basis of a "local connection".
Talk to your local DHE Office it mentions in, JSP 464 Part 1 that they issue a Certificate of cessation of entitlement to SFA Annex A to Chapter 8 I think it is. The rules look open to interpretation but the end result would be this certificate being sent off by DHE to your local council and they then should shuv you up the waiting list.
My local council now has a bidding scheme for properties. You are given certain amounts of points with regards to your circumstances, as properties become available, they are advertised and people bid for them with their points. If this bidding system is in action in the area you are looking at, make sure you investigate fully as beautifully described homes/locations seeming rather good value are noramlly in the seediest areas
I can't comment on how different councils run their waiting list but the fact taht you are homeless (as yuo will be when leaving MQs will give you a lot of points . I do know that the time I spent in MQs counted toward my discount under the Right to Buy scheme but aren't sure how long I was in council accomodatyion before I bought. Try contacting SSAFA in the area you want to settle in and see if they , or the RBL, can give you any help or advice.
If you nothing else with your hard earned beer tokens, invest in a pad in civvy street, If you cant afford a pad where you live get one in a cheaper area, (you can live anywhere after the army) i hated having a motgage while serving and renting but its worth it !
Any SNCO can get a reasonable loan and you will never lose out.
My sister has lived in council houses all her wedded life and the service the council offer is awful.
We all bumped about march outs etc but believe me you do not want to finish your 22 and rely on some leftie arse with a iq of a carrot sorting out your house admin repairs etc.
I've had the opposite experience with council housing. I've had very few complaints about bad service so you'll find as with everything else it all depends where you are. A thing to bear in mind is , if you do go into council housing the time you spent in quaters (and in some cases living in) counts toward your discount under the "Right to Buy " scheme which can make up to 50% difference in the price.
Goin back a few years now to 1997 but in North Lincs Council, Ex Forces esp if you have a rugrat went pretty much top of the list, then after the 2 years required before you can enter the Right to Buy scheme is up you can go get a mortgage to buy your property, not entirely sure what happens now but then I got 1% per year of service, therefor ended up with the standard discount plus 8 1/2 %. This meant that my final purchase price was just over 20 grand, quite a saving! But as mentioned above each authority and mortgage company have different policies so unfortunately you will have to do some research. There is no easy way but to get on the phone and ring around.
I can give some advice on this , but it is quite long winded! Maybe ther is another way for you to get in touch wiht me , im happy to try and give you the info you want. Basically it comes down to priority or non priority in regrads to homlessness...like i said lots of info could be given...wonder if on here is the best way though

Points system also means if you have any kids under two they have no points allocated to them as they can sleep wherever, (apparently!) if they are over two they then count as half a person to some councils and there fore get some points.

Look at yourself or your partners future employment and check that you don't qualify for the keyworker scheme eg: if she is a nursery nurse, educator, nurse, doctor etc you may be able to buy on a shared ownership basis. If she or you are none of these have a look see about retraining possibilities cos the houses that you are offered on the key worker scheme are brand new and o% deposit fees paid etc much of the time. Even class room assistants qualify!!!!!!

Other than that Private housing associations such as Orbit, Sanctuary, Church Housing etc can offer you right to buy and can sometimes be in slightly more enjoyable locations.

All the best to you and yours, please PM if I can be of any assistance - especially if you like the idea of East Anglia to settle in as I may be able to put you in contact with some peeps who can help!

Good luck!
Shared Ownership - some local authorities go further than doctors/nurses/teachers when considering shared ownership. I had my name on Guildford Borough Council's housing list for some years while I was serving. They rang us up one day out of the blue and offered us a shared ownership property - brand new. Apparantly we had 'ticked the appropriate box' when we first applied and were, by that stage, close to the top of their list. We moved in while I was still serving (council was fully aware of this) and were fully settled there by the time I took redundancy 2 years later. Its really worthwhile enquiring about this - nothing to lose.
Wouln't rely on it and personally I would get mortgage now, get some advice from a decent estate agent and make it clear you just want to invest and let it out. this can all be based on your current army salary. You do not need to really want to live in the house, just get something as when you get out you can sell it and hopefully you will have some equity, plus you should still be able to get a another mortgage as you are already a house-owner. If that all falls through, you still have somewhere to live.

Remember, house prices went up 4.4% last month and you will end up homeless if you dont act now. Put your name down but you cannot rely on a council housing any more unless you are an unskilled Albanian with 9 kids long list of ilnesses - but thats another thread.......
P3HO said:
Anyone in here with some experience with Council House waiting lists? Got a little time left and need to get on the waiting list. Is it right that our time in quarters helps us some how?

Any tips/advice welcome. Thanks.
Top tip! its called buying your own place and standing on your own two feet. I left in July and its all about doing it for yourself. Haven't got accommodation sorted out - what about a job? Suppose security guard stagging on at tesco will suffice!
Sorry people, but I don't hold out much hope of accommodation when you leave the Forces. Unless you have an excellent relationship with local housing facilities, or a sh*t hot families officer, or you know better (hopefully) than me, you'll not get much help from your council. You will be homeless if you don't get it right. So buy or rent your own place, and start planning now.
I've tried for council places in Leicester (a big multicultural area), and Cornwall, Devon, and Notts. The answer was always "you have no connection to this area" ( I was born and grew up in Leicester !). This is code for; "we 've no council housing spare and we're not offering it to you". I'm not commenting, on who told me I couldn't live in Leicester.They'll be alright, and you will be out in the cold.

Of course, we can't say here (and we don't say here) that the councils are biased, unco-operative, obtuse, or short of accommodation. That would be unfair.......It's like saying we come second to immigrants, or asylum seekers. Perish the thought. Councils give equal opportunities to everyone, including the armed forces, don't they.....

In Plymouth, the homeless lads have [/b] all been told they won't be rehoused in council houses. They're f*cked, basically.

There are many immigrants coming in, asylum seekers are being found accommodation, and money doesn't stretch infinitely. More people work to help immigrants, and they are damn good at it. I don't know anyone who fights for ex-armed forces/homeless people, so well. Councils aren't offering homes unless the applicants "have support needs". My advice? live with family or buy your own place. Don't think that you have any rights, and will have a place to live. You should think that. But you can't.
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