leaving the army!! been told different dates? help

hello all

ok i started training on july 23rd 2007 now from what i understand is that i can leave the army 4 years from that date and i can sign off to leave the army 3 years from that date!!

i was 21 years old wen i started my phase one training aswell....i also checked my jpa to see what the date was that i could sign off using jpa and it shown the date july 23rd 2010!!

now because i have told my troop leader that i want to sign off and need to get the ball rolling as in having interviews needed before i can sign off...he called me last night and said that he checked my jpa with the squadron clark and the clark said i cant sign off till 23rd september 2010!!!!!!!!

but he also said ur time spent in the army dont start counting down intill you have done 3 months once you have done 3 months in the army i.e in training then your 4 years start!!!........funny thing is i dont know if hes bullshiting me because his words dont match up because 3 months from july 23rd is october 23rd lol so thats making me think abit....
i want to know is this 3 month thing true or has it just been brought into the system??? because it was only 4-5 months ago that i checked my jpa to see that i was able to sign off on july 23rd 2010

so all in all they are saying i cant leave till september or october 23rd 2011

also i signed my oath in april time iv also heard ur service starts from here aswell but yet to see any prove can someone clear this on up for me

thanks inadvance for info guys

i think iv got this sorted now as i just went to camp and went on jpa and printed off the application for early termination and it does state the date of july 23rd tht i can leave the army
I can't remember the date that the minimum contract change but I think you joined after the change.

You should therefore have to serve for a minimum of 4 years and 3 months, which means you can sign off having done 3 years and 3 months.

If you joined in Jul 2007 then you should be able to sign off in Oct 2010.
thanks for the message..

i checked my jpa tho and it shows the date 22nd july 2011 is my leave date.....so the changes must not of been applied to me

its all sorted now,my troop leading is sortin my interviews out now so am able to sign off.......just wish i never joinned the regiment that i did join maybe then i would of stayed in longer,but am put off for life now tut tut

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