leaving the army at 12 years

Can some please clarify as everything I've read contradicts the other,

To be entitled to half year pension at 12 years do you have to do 12 years first then sign off? ( so makes it more like 13 years)
Or can you sign off after 11 years 1 day as long as your discharged date is 12 years or late to be entailed to get the half pension??
As long as you serve 12 years (from age 18) you are entitled to a resettlement grant of around £9841, this means you can give 1 years notice at your 11 year point. You won't then receive anything else until you reach 60 when the first part of your preserved pension is payable - as long as you claim it!! The second part kicks in at age 65. Any more questions about this give me a shout. (This answer assumes you opted to remain under AFPS 75).

Have a look at the pension calculator:

Pen Calc


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