Leaving the army after 12 years.

I will be leaving the army after 12 years in. I know what i am entitled to for resettlement course and time off but what i am not sure on is if i can like lump sum on my last day in the army or not some people so i do ( Ranging from £7500 to £9500) and some people say that has been stopped could some one please clear this up for me.

I have tried going through cheif cleark but the regt is away in afghan and my sqn dont have one yet due to mess up in posting dates. Thank you for any help you can give me.
As far as I am aware, it has continued. Definitely for those on AFPS 75, not sure about 05.
What a strange post!

Anyway, as long as you have served 12 years service you are entitled to around £9800 as a Resettlement Grant. This should be paid around 30 days after your last regular payment date.

(It is a Sunday so i wait to be corrected as at tomorrow morning)

Is that what you were after?

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