Leaving the AAC

At some point you will reach the end of your AAC career and that move to Civvi street can be a bit of a struggle. I would like to ask any members that are now stinking civvies, like myself, to offer advice and help to fellow AAC members. Whether you are on the ground or in the air, looking for work, advice on civvi operators or any other everyday situation. I hope that I and any other members that have already made this move can help others. It's a difficult move but it can also be an easy move depending on how you deal with it.
Good Luck :lol:
Not quite sure what you 'really' want SH, but my one big bit of advice on 'everyday situations', would be to ensure you have private healthcare insurance. Whether your employer includes it or you pay yourself, it is certainly worth it.
I agree silsoesid, i was lucky mine was paid for by the company i worked for. There is a big difference between turning up to the MRS in a morning and finding a civvi doc who will see you by the following week or even month.
Sort your health and dental care especially dental, loads a wonga.
Where to start, Health insurance a must, suggest a thorough medical before you leave and make sure all the ailments however minor have been recorded, this will help if you need to apply for war pension etc!!(have a word with your freindly medic see if you can get a copy of your fmed4). all the documentation on you when you were in gets swallowed in the Glasgow void.

Make sure you do your ressetlement I work for a company that has a mainly ex mil work force at least six of whom didnt bother!!! a point to note some of the courses advertised in the resettlement magazines only want your money. Make sure you do your research for the type of employment you want, and get a course that will benifit you, (dont just do an HGV course because you want to!!!!)

Dont assume that just because you worked in and around helicopters and aviation for most of your adult life that you are going to get a job at an airport, unless you are one of the lucky ones or know somebody there you aint.

Dont discount RFEA the Regular Forces Employment Agency they tend to recruit for people who have an ex military background, these jobs are seldom advertised in the local press or job centre. Your ressetlement centre should help.

Any way thats enough to be getting on with, one final thing do not leave everything to the last minute PLAN AHEAD.
Use the web site forcesrecruitment.co.uk Send them your CV and they will look at whats available out in the big bad world for you, and notify you of anything worth you going for.
Make sure you do your research really well and try to speak to people in the industry before you start to do the courses... most are not worth the paper they are wrote on some show you are keen and others are mandatory. I’m lucky and got into Civil Aviation with a lot of luck and help from friends if I had to do it now I don’t think I would be so lucky.

When looking around ask about the following

How much leave per annum
Do they do a good company pension scheme
Company private heath care
Is overtime available and at what rates
Do they have a bonus scheme
littlejonny would rock himself to sleep each night horrified that people would dare leave the Corps........were these people real? mummy had warned of the turncoats...

Just kiddin I wish you all the best of luck now and in the future.

Big Vern...who's got the hot spoon now? lol ha
Just out of interest, I am currently evaluating career prospects both inside and outside of the wire. Currently class 1 sigs/groundy, cl 2 driver, 22 yrs old, 5 yrs service. Very good with electronics, with college diploma in computer engineering, worth about £5.50, and 13 gcse's d-a.
So apart from the obvious McDonalds floor sweeper or supermarket biff, which sector should i look into for resettlement and employment in either derby or south of england??

To be, or not to be (a civvy), that is the question..... :roll:
Daft you have a pm. It does really depend on what you want to do when you leave and apply for the right resettlement course for your chosen vocation.
qman said:
Send them your CV
Well worth while working hard on getting a good c.v. Writing them is an art. Firms get so many fired at them in broadsides that there has to be something special to get yours even looked at. Many firms now use electronic scanning of c.v. so, if you see a job you want, rewrite your c.v. so that it uses words from the advert etc. However, a basic c.v. is well worth while.
I agree with oldredcap your Cv should reflect the job offer and advert, try to avoid putting any military slang or terms in your CV, look at your job carefully and relate to your civil counterparts.
i.e. Aircraft Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management = Bowser mong.


Further to previous posts regarding medical information, get pally with your med centre practice manager. Find a quiet moment to pop in and see him/her, ask for a. your medical records and b. the photo-copier. Make at least one copy before you depart as your records will mysteriously disappear when you've gone.

As soon as you can, apply to the War Pensions Agency for a war pension, regardless of how fit you think you may be. Tell them you've been exposed to helicopter noise and gun-fire. If you've been flying AT ALL, complain about recurring knee and back trouble.

When I went to see the WPA specialist, I'd just driven my father-in-law about. He'd left his walking stick in the car, so when I parked up I shifted the stick into the boot. Went in for the check-up, told him about having been exposed to gun-fire and engine noise. Told him about my knee-pain and he said "Don't be embarrassed about having to walk with a stick, old chap, I'll make sure it gets written up" I now get a healthy chunk of dosh.

I left the mob in late '98 and have suffered with a back problem since sustaining an injury in my last 12 months of service...do you think it's too late to apply for a War Pension? How should I go about it?


Fred, just call Mexford House in Blackpool ask War Pensions

0800 1692277

Very helpful staff, very efficient and will have you in front of a doctor within a fortnight who will assess any level of disability before making an award.
I had a Doctor visit me at home for the medical....

I had broken my back whilst serving and was entitled to a war pension.

Even for a broken back I got my hoop fingered......... every cloud has a silver lining etc :D

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