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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 8chris4, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. hey..i got my letter through today from the army that they have a placement for me at catterick on 6th febury.do i just let the ta know and hand in all my kit....although i wont be leaving untill few weeks before i start basic at catterick.
  2. Ask your PSI..!
  3. Copy your joining instructions and send them to your TA unit, thank them for your enjoyable time, ask where and when they want the kit sent to or ask if you can drop it off the week before you go to the regs.

    Ask to be keep in the loop for any events/socials coming up. You can help them in your new unit - I'm sure they wouldn't mind a visit/placement every now and then and I'm sure you wouldn't mind meeting up with your mates you've made in the TA for a few beers now and then.

    Good luck!
  4. see the thing is..i had a tranfer in to join 4 para {still havnt heard anything yet} so i dunno if i can cancel that tranfer and just finish of my days with 6 scots untill febury or if the paperwork for the tranfer is gonna be a problem..im not sure..ill have to phone them on monday.
  5. You do that son..!

    Have fun at Catterick...
  6. Very best of luck at Catterick. The odds are that 6 SCOTS will want their kit back asap unless you are a well known and trusted member of the Coy- in case you do a runner with it ! Best step might be to front up and talk to the PSI/PSAO. Tell them you'd like to train right up to the last minute - no point in missing the Christmas bash !

    If the stores wallah is decent they'll let you keep most of the clothing, it'll be handy as spares and once worn most of it ends up scrapped.