leaving so soon!!!

im leaving the army in 6 months time and am currently half way through a 6 month tour. I heard a rumour that they cant deploy a soldier in his last 6 months service. is this true or just a load of old pish?


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I believe that the Army tries not to deploy you in the last six months, but this is not a rule (I stand by for correction!). Otherwise, you are still in the Army, so suck it up, and you'll be home in a couple of months.

BTW, how long have you done?
I am sure the Army are not allowed to do this, as I had a friend who got out of a Telic tour the same way. If you don't care about pissing people off, and if your leaving then why should you, then speak to your resettlement officer and see what he can do.

People may go on about still being in the Army etc, but at the end of the day its not being jack, your looking after your own interests. Its more important that you have a job and somewhere to live - which is what you should be sorting out in your last six months.

*edited to say - this is what I was told by the resettlement officer too.
so by my (admittedly appalling) maths, you deployed 3 months ago and signed off 6 months ago? about right? had you already been warned off for deployment? because i thought you couldn't sign off once you were warned off as a unit / individual for deployment...

or did you get less than 3 months notice to deploy i.e. after you had already signed off?

or am i just confused and talking booooollocks...
yea i signed of 6 months ago, got a week and a halfs notice to move as an IR and have been out here for 3 months, i heard i could question my being here on R+R which just coincided wi my 6 month point. as u can imagine i cant apply for jobs or anything which is the main concern, i aint to fussed about bein out here its money in the bank. But when im left without a job n back wi my parents cos i cant afford my mortgage the army certainly wont do me any favours then so ill quite happily piss people off to get outta here n start gettin on wi some interviews.
I have been told by a reliable source that one of the changes to the TA due in April, was that personnel could be called up in their last year.

If you think about this, it means that no soldier (reg or TA) either in their last year, or over the age of 45, could be called up. That is a big chunk.

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