Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. I am due to leave next year and have a few ideas for presents to the Sqn/Mess etc. But I was wondering if anyone out there had any good ideas, or had witnessed any brilliant leaving presents being given. Iam leaving next year after 22 years service, so they want to be good ideas.(MDN Take note)
    ( This is the best idea I have got for a new topic)
  2. Do you have a photo from your first day/week/month in the Army, taken 22 years ago? And a photo of your last few days/weeks in the Air Corps? Take them both, have them professionally framed, attach small brass plate under both photos with the word 'Then' for your first photo, and 'Now' for the last photo. Then a suitable brass plate fitted middle bottom with whatever you like printed onto it. After 22 years I'm sure you look totally different ‘then’ and ‘now’. A fitting end to your career, to be displayed permanently in the mess. In another 22 years you'll have some fresh-faced senior rank saying 'who the fcuk is that'?
  3. More like 22 minutes! :lol: :p

    You could on the other hand donate your gratuity and half your pension to MW mess.
  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Qman, Gunny makes a good point about a photograph.

    You could get one framed and placed on the PAN and in every hangar, would make a superb bird scarer

  5. For what? To replace the missing shower heads?
  6. For something to be 'missing', it would have had to have been there in the first place. :lol:

    Burn it down, build a larger carpark in its place.
  7. why not leave tem the full series of the "Budgie" books...i'm sure they would appreciate it :D
  8. As long as the pages are made from cardboard, non-toxic and certified 'chewable'.
  9. Like the idea Gunny, but apart from the bike on my face I don't look any different.
  10. Like the idea Gunny, but apart from the bike on my face I don't look any different.
  11. Once saw some badged up head rest above the urinals in a mess, ideal for slashing when sloshed
  12. Nick,
    How about giving them just what they deserve.....................................................the finger ?!
  13. ........Or alternatively a manual on man management.
  14. or perhaps a free reverse lobotomy for all wo2's and above !!
  15. I was at a dine out, where a bottle of port was presented to the mess, layed at an angle in a silver wire cradle. The inscription on the plack said "presented to WOs and Sergeants mess from Blah blah Etc, only to be opened on the disbandment of the regiment” It is kept in pride of place in the regimental museum, not sure if its the original bottle, bet a nice gift I thought all the same. You can always present a light gun cartridge case engraved with “the last round fired in the Falklands” I have seen dozens of these last rounds in various messes.

    With port type gift and in a few thousand years time when your regiment is defunked, the members will say " who the fcuk was this qman"