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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stripeyboot, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I have a guy leaving the TA/army after many many years service and am looking for suggestions on suitable leaving presents. (beyond the standard bronze statuette that is)

    Come on guys any ideas??
  2. Ask him what he actually wants.

    There are only so many unit pictures, plaques and tankards you can sell on e-bay after your leaving function.

    If the person leaving requests a 50" HD ready, plasma TV then obviously buy him a regimental plaque.
  3. A 'black mamba' is always a good one- once you leave you will not be screwed over by the government quite so readily so to have the ability to do it to your self is advantagous.
  4. I suspect you want something durable, I would suggest a quick chat with some of his mates and his wife to get ideas, and if it is ay something to do with a sport or hobby bung in a commemorative photo for him to hang in the loo.

  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    We dined out a VERY longserving LE Capt who stipulated that he did not want wings, cap badge, pegasus, motto or anything similar as it would promply get lost in the shed when he retired.

    He ended up with a silver cocktail set (his request) engraved to him and his wife with best wishes in their new home (he emigrated on retirement).

    Heartfelt, simple and suitable for display. He also got a characature of him, with a list of his tours for hanging in the shed!
  6. buy him the first series boxset of byker grove! :D
  7. The right combination!
  8. It should be something personal that they should remember.

    I was presented with a painting of a landscape taken from the top of a hill overlooking where I live now where we used to run a fair bit training for the Grizzly and another nice touch which choked me slightly was a mate when he left gave every member of the mess a set of cuff links as it was the last time the D and Ds had a leaving dinner.
  9. i believe you can get the whole series of "only fools and horses" perhaps he1d like that