Leaving nothing to chance.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Micky_Blue, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Good Evening Arrse,

    Some of you may remember I achieved a cat 1 and then went straight on to main-board and due to my "dogmatic" attitude I unfortunately did not pass.

    18 months have passed, Im closer to 23 now, alot more mature with far more experience along with bags of fitness.
    The Dogma that I was criticised for is well and truly gone, I know im not gods gift to AOSB and plan to show im just an young lad still packed with all that enthusiasm the army love. In my head I've checked all the boxes that main board want, Physically robust, Confident, I have general knowledge coming out of my ears (if I see The Times one more time I may crack), my plan ex at main board was "sound but somewhat risky" so ive worked on that to the best of my capabilities, I can do no more.

    However to my embarrassment I recall being asked to do a specific knot at main-board on the final race, which I did and still have completely blanked. I know this might seem a bit pedantic but does anyone know what the knots they may ask you to complete are (No doubt I can use a bit of common sense and type "How to" into Google once i know).

    I know the selection board wont fail me as "the candidate was unable to complete a knot" but getting to RMAS is a passion ive had from an early age and as this is my last opportunity I want to leave nothing to chance.

    Your insight on this matter and any further advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Well done on sticking out those 18months and working on everything. It's good to see someone put some heart in to their application.

    Let us know when you're booked in for main board and how it goes :thumright:
  3. Aaaaahhhhh...general purpose reef knot - it'll see you through most things! A clove hitch might be useful too, for starting and finishing lashings.

    Above all remember the key mantra, "if you can't tie a knot, tie a lot"!
  4. Best of luck Mickey Blue!
    Let us know how you get on..
  6. YL, it was the reff knot and the Clove Hitch that would have been shown. Clove hitch best used for a quick lashing of 2 planks to make a bridge.
  7. Thanks for that Sweeters - As already mentioned in this post, it might not be a make or break section of AOSB but why risk messing something up if you can prepare for it so easily.

  8. Talking of easily preparing for something, didn't you fail the Msft at briefing ?

    You love giving advice out but are in no position to do so !
  9. Yes I failed the MSFT due to a combination of only preparing for it by distance running (no work on launching from stationary really) and an injury from some oaf in the leaderless tasks which was noted by the Colonel without me even mentioning it to him. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about me offering advice, yet I am only advising in areas where I did well?

    I never claim to be an expert and I don't deny failing the MSFT, the point is that I have learnt from my mistake and wont be messing that up again. You seem to be happy slating me, yet you did shit poor at the abstract reasoning... A fan of hypocrisy as well I see, after complaining that people didn't leave you with constructive feedback on your advice thread after you passed briefing.

    Oh well, I guess if it makes you feel good to be a keyboard warrior then I should let you get on with it.
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