Leaving it to the locals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Moved elsewhere - two intended threads got into one. Dozy old s*d. Strain of writing was too much!.....
  2. The Govt in latest attempts to evade Ganeral Pandora's threat of 40 more years has stressed that we only stay whilst ANA and ANP forces are trained and deployed. There would seem to be a number of questions about this outlook. I have found a Congress report - now slightly outdated but there cannot be much change ffrom passage of time into comments as to the natures, personalities and qualities of ANA/ANP personnel. There are also comments on strength level of both.
    We have seen in the reports from Afg the drug taking in the front line and the style of discipline amongst ANA and reports of road checks as bribe/extortion scenario. I have read but been unable to find links reference ANA and ANP strength during Russian operation as 200,000 plus. Their inefficiency then may be attributed to 'patriotism' Note also the suggestion in the quote that Afghan govt will be pressed to pay for far less than 70,000. I wonder if these findings - updated - are known to 'arry Aintsworth and Brown when they whistle in the darkness about the 40 years on scenario? If know, do they care anyway' they will be long gone before their divide and misrule comes to fruition.