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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Its_me!.., Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Good evening everyone,

    I have AOSB MB coming up very soon and just have two issues that are niggling at me.

    First is with S,D,T. I have been using that site on the internet, I think its the RAF page, and getting above avergae marks for the S,D,T. But I seem cant seem to work out these

    What speed covers 208mile in 1hr 36mins?
    What speed covers 56mile in 1hr 36mins?
    What speed covers 32mile in 6hrs 24mins?
    What speed covers 96mile in 5hrs 20mins?

    (there is a pattern emerging here!..)
    I know that you convert the hr/mins into just minutes, but thats as far as I can go... Anybody got any methods of tackling this?

    Secondly, in regards to the lecturette I have a few things that are prominent on my CV (i.e. sports/ travel) I have took three and made key points as a revision tool. Am I throwing all my eggs in one basket here? I really dont know how to tackle this one. (just to add I forgot to save a copy in a rush for the last post!)

  2. 208 divided by 96 mins x 60 = 130mph
    56 divided by 96 mins x 60 = 35mph
    32 divided by 388 mins x 60 = 4.94mph
    96 divided by 320 mins x 60 = 18 mph
  3. Thanbks for that post Afghanman helps out alot! Its_Me did you have these on your AOSB Briefing too? Im on a fam visit soon however trying to get my head around some of them. Like one of them is how long does it take to travel 34 miles doing 85mph. I know the answer is 24 mins (google) however i am just trying to work this one out. Any help on that would be grateful.
  4. 34/85 = 0.4 hrs x 60 = 24 mins
  5. Who is doing this? You or members of ARRSE?