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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by rentboy, May 24, 2006.

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  1. I was at a section leaving function for 2 of my lcpls this week and it was pants. The lads asked to sort the function out let myself and the boss down badly. To the point where i had to go to the pri shop to sort the lcpl's out with leaving presents (paid for them myself will re-coupe money this week) because no one in the section had bothered their backside to square it away (although people had been tasked to do so.) In my days every man jack in the section would have went unless they were on leave or duty etc. I think that the quality of the full screws etc these days is poor. In my opinion it's all take and no give. I am well hacked of with the troops in my section, Anyone got any ideas how to rectify a bunch of jack barstewards without knocking fcuk out of them as this is not an option in todays playstation and fluffy army.
  2. What about the possibility of getting together all those who didn't attend for a cosy chat with the OC, along the lines of "you've let me down badly guys" esprit de corps etc. Nothing to heavy. Sometimes the guys who don't attend think that they won't be recognised by their abscence. If the OC lets them know that he does in fact know who they are and that it could be reflected in the CR (team spirit etc) they may think differently. Failing that a make them write a letter to the CSM expalining why they won't be attending.

  3. I shouted out 'give em a fukking beasting' then my Mrs just looked at me funny, and asked me why I was shouting at the monitor, after grumbling of "bloody army today" and 'in my day'

    Then, on refection, I have to bite my lip, its not the army I knew and grew up in, they wouldnt be in my gang, I dont do pink and fluffy, so they will go through the ranks doing what they do now, thinking is okay to do that.

    They might be semi good lads normally but still ******* for not being team players (I still bloody bet they put that on thier CV though)
  4. My opinion is this. If the tp does not operate as a team at work then they will not operate as a team at play. You must first conjure up team spirit in the work place and the rest should follow. But I agree, you only need one or two sulky Cpls to make it all fall apart.
  5. This is in the Seniors Forum....so it doesn't matter what the troops think of us

    However, As leaders of men we do need to educate the youngsters and as a passing courtesy move it up to Sqn level, get the OC involved and promote some team spirit!!
  6. Thats what single man rooms do for unit cohesion. No one gives a fcuk any more.

    Downes, you appear to have had an ND on your keyboard.
  7. Lord Flasheart wrote:

    Can you cite a source, or is that just a random statement on the state of society today?
  8. I changed your spelling for you.

    You can't give a definitive answer to this, but it's true. It's like the old "Why do you want to leave the Army Gnr Feckwit" "Because it's shite sir". It's not written on paper, but it exists.
  9. Thanks for the spelling correction, but the argument is fuzzy logic.
    There is no evidence that the single man rooms have resulted in the lack of unit cohesion. You could just as well blame it on the issue of combat 95 or popularity of mobile phones.
    Lord Flasheart, How many people do you share a room with?
    I do agree however, that fewer people give a **** nowadays.
  10. 7 Sigs when the unit was in Herford used to be all single man rooms and I can honestly say that the team spirit was the best that I have experienced. I do agree however with a lot less people giving a fcuk these days, but education has to be the way forward otherwise the situation will only get worse not better.
  11. It appears that everyone thinks that all young soldiers are now isolated and selfish. That is certainly the case for a lot of the people now - a -days. Im very lucky in my current troop there a good set of lads who look after each other in all respects ensuring that tasks get done even if it is not their responsibility, even two who have signed off still give 100% and don't go around like most saying "the army's sh*t, the Army's sh*t". It does make my life a hell of a lot easier. There was only one bad egg and she was V. POOR, at her job and man management. It resulted in her getting a bollocking her attitude and performance, but she trumped me by pulling the bullying card. Sometimes you just can't move forward and this kind of thing makes you not want to.

    After all that rambling all i'm trying to say is don't throw all the soldiers in the same shi*t bucket.
  12. I don't see how single man rooms makes the slightest bit of difference. Is the answer to go back to the 4/6 men to a room sketch? If I were a single jnr I'd be really pissed off to be sharing a room with half a dozen other hairy arsed squaddies in this day and age all in the name of comraderie. I'd rather be a miserable loner in my own room who can crack one off when it suits and not a shy one when everyone's on the piss!
  13. Since when did sharing a room stop you from "cracking one off?" My favourite wanks have been under cover, can't beat chocking the chicken while your mate gives his missus one thinking no ones home!
    Or is that just me?
    I'll get me coat.......
    Best advice for leaving does, get the names of non-attendees and they simply get FA when they leave.
    No presentation/speech/plaque ect..
    IF no team spirit prevails, force it on them!
  14. Ladies and Gents,
    Its up to us as seniors to use our (Free) management qualifications, dip into our toolboxes and set the standard for others to follow.

    Sort the fullscrews out, you have just undermined all you preached about in the first place by letting them think they have gotten away with it.

  15. That seems daft. Some get, some don't, the unit or even tp will become split and at their next unit gripes will follow and them being 'jack' will be even worse. Surely they need to learn at the unit they are always presently serving. I've found that reputations follow people around. There's no time like the present time to change attitudes for the better.

    Take your point re. cracking one off though! I was never as brave as you!