Leaving Forces Life - Howard League for Penal Reform

The Howard League for Penal Reform launched an independent inquiry into former armed service personnel in prison in November 2009. The Report: Leaving Forces Life – The Issue of Transition - aims to discover why some veterans find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system after they have left the armed forces. It is recognised that this can be some time after discharge.
Jolly good. Lots of people will earn lots of money providing this report. Bugger all will change. I could write lots of words about why this is the case, but my internet connection frustrates me. My own resettlement interview was a travesty and more Monty Pythonesque than a serious attempt to assist me in resettling. I await the outcome with interest.
Perhaps emerging from a service society in which thieving from each other is not the norm allied with a tendency to tell the truth when shouted at simply makes ex squaddies easier to catch and quicker to 'fess up than your average scrote.

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