leaving for phase 2 in the morning!!

well am leaving for bovington tomorrs.....starting to feel like am just about to start phase 1

ive been told that on the first 4 weeks you are on base line to that you have locker inspections everyday and that you share rooms with quite afew people is this true as it kind of sounds true...

plus on week 3 ill be starting my tests for my car lience,once ive passed the test how long does it take to get all the paperwork thought as i will be looking at getting a car stright away..

if anyone has any other good info that they can give me ill be very greatful cheers
I left there as a phase 2 in June, so things may have changed since. But when I was there, you are on baseline for 2 weeks, and you'd have a locker inspection on each wednesday. Pass both and you're on mainstream and you can keep you locker as you please (well, without it smelling like ass). We had 6 man rooms, but all the recruits have since moved from the old Sandhurst block, so I can't comment on the rooms now.

I did my Cat B course on my 2nd week (first week is like your induction week) First 3 days for theory, driving on the Thursday, passed test on Tuesday, and then got a car that weekend to bring down. But again, much has probably changed and I heard they've changed the rules regarding Phase 2 recruits keep cars at camp.

Anyway, good luck. I enjoyed Bovvy as phase 2, and am I enjoying my course back here as Phase 3.
Heard from someone down there, that cars are more restricted for two reasons.
1/ future building works
2/ to a misuse and various phase twoers being pulled by the ol bill :)

Sandhurst block going, tis a shame, was a good ol building, well old though
Bovy will be one of the best times in your whole career, you will be back there many times. It is a fantastic place.

Looking at your avatar, first thing i would do is see if you could transfer to a real regiment :)
Dont get a car as you will end up duty driver every weekend, and miss out on all the delights that the area has to offer

Best of luck to you.

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