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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by icclebunny, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi all, have signed release docs and get out date is set 12mths from date of signature. IMO far too long and currently miserable in work - is there anyway to leave prior to this date?

    I've been told a bit about PVR and "buying" your way out but nothing that gives us any idea of where to start - can you let us know where to start from? (If this is at all possible) Was going to stay in but am now being told that further exercises are coming up and thats going to affect resettlement courses that have already been planned :x
  2. How long have you done?

    What do you do?

    And why do you hate it so much??

    I left after 14 years behind the bell and was sent to Bosnia just before i was due to leave , i still managed to do all my Resettlement courses in the last six months, but that was through my own choice.

    I may be wrong but if you have signed off before any start dates of excersises/tours i think that they have no right to stop you doing the resettlement thing, check with your admin and resettlement clerks they will have all the answers.

    Good Luck
  3. Cheers - seven years if service and wanted to leave for 4 of those. Took on new trades thinking it might be better but the grass aint any greener.

    Basically dont enjoy it anymore, tried to keep at it for the last 4 years and heart isnt in it anymore.
  4. Just bear with it. Don't give them any of your hard earned cash just because you're peed of with it all.

    You'll find that the last year goes real quick, and then you'll be a PFC.

    Also speak to your local resettlement centre they they know the score, and a good place for free advice too.

    Also try and get some courses in through the system, even though you are leaving you still have an education grant to use, i think. Before i left i knew nothing about computers so i did basic computer courses, all through my education grant.
  5. Sorted out resettlement courses with education grant and have to pay for some of it out of our own pocket - also bosses want to send away for O/S training at the same time as courses are planned :evil:

    Thanks for the advice
  6. Did the bosses not clear it for you to attend the courses initially? If they did but have now changed their mind then would submit a redress, and generally kick up as much of a stink as you can about the loss of money. It may not do your career any good - but at this stage who cares?

    If you didn't get clearance before you booked the courses then you are on your own I am afraid!

    And you can't PVR unless you joined before Jan 91.