Leaving Before you have served a year from handing in NTT

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bored_of_the_signals, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know the Army/Corps policy on getting out early after you have handed in your NTT if you have a written job offer??

    Or is this just another one of them rumors.........?

    Does anyone know first hand of some one who has done it?
  2. I've known several people who have done it. I think its down to your Commanding Officer being satisified you have employment/valid reasons for getting out early, and records agreeing to let you terminate early.

    I dont think you could take the pish and get out early because you cant be arrsed with it anymore tho :wink:

  3. Yeah, if you have been accepted for another job, you can be allowed to get out early. Several people here have managed to knock several months off their year's wait.
  4. Having just spoke to a friend of mine today, who handed in his NTT last month and will be out by christmas, who is already on resettlement, It is possible. The corps is currently "encouraging" some over manned trades... not just techs, that are over manned, to terminate their service early. Your ever friendly RAO should be able to give full details.
  5. One of my mates also got out 7 months early. He just asked the CO during his interview and his CO arranged it for him.

    I think all trades are overmanned but IS Engrs at present, so most people shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Leaving before your one year's notice is completed.
    Your CO and records are the ones who will decide if you can leave early.
    Your case will be stronger if you have a letter from the college or employer saying they have a place for you and that it must be filled by a given date. There is a QR paragraph on this, I cannot recall which one (QR9.274??)
    If you have not used up your resettlement time and money before the early date of discharge then you do not get it. So get the resettlement in early then line up the job and seek release.
    Check your position regarding terminal leave(last 28 days) I am sure you do not get it.
    If you are near the 12 year reckonable service point and expecting the 'resettlement grant 'of £8344 be very careful-you must SERVE 12 years over the age of 18 to have reckonable service. Serve less and you lose.
  7. there is a 'window' open to anyone who signed off between april 2004 and september 2004 (or dates to that effect) which lets you get out at short notice before 31 Mar 05.

    ask your AGC Det Comd or other Resettlement officer for a copy of the letter called 'early voluntary release'.

    i got a copy of the letter - but as per anything - terms and conditions apply.

    i was eligible, but unfortunately my squadron forgot to tell me even tho my resettlement officer did thier best to get me sorted.
  8. What's the rules on leaving early after giving NTT if I wanted to move to another country by a given deadline. Would I need to supply evidence or something to be able to leave earlier than the year?
  9. nah...most trades are undermanned. a couple are overmanned, it's just that the techs have such a surplus that it skews the results.
  10. Doesn't anyone wonder where the overmanning is? Because people say we're overmanned by so much people but you'd work into your place of work and find that this guy is in the gym, that guy is on ops, that guy is on a para course, another is on a marine course, two are leaving and you'd be getting one in return, three signed off etc etc etc.....and you wonder that there must be a unit with 100 people in it where you might only have 2...lol