leaving before return of service

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by unhappy_bunny, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Congratulations Unhappy_bunny I haved joined arrse just to bite at your post.
    So Army life isn't what you expected it to be? how do you know what Army life is you are still training in a training establishment!
    Funny how you have been happy pocketing a fat wage packet plus FIA for the last 3 years but now it's payback time you aren't quite so jolly, i bet you laughed at the civvies training alongside you on their £6,000 per year bursarys.
    Grow a backbone you spineless get and accept that YOU signed on the line YOU were happy to take stacks of cash for getting a professional qualification and now it's time for YOU to pay the bill.
    Rant over
  2. oh what a surprise...thank you for your pearls of wisdom, and i have no doubt in guessing that this website was named after people like you. i would also guess that you are not in the healthcare profession, because god help the people that needed a sympathetic ear.
  3. UB, could yopu explain your position please? In training? At a working unit? On tour, or just fed up?
  4. in training. yes i signed on the dotted line but things change..i am well aware of that.
  5. Why not reply to the questions posed then you might find a sympathetic ear!
  6. sounds to me like you were happy to get the extra cash and qualification, but now the time has arrived to give your part of the agreement you dont want to.
    Would the reason be because you can earn more now in civvie st, or am i just being cynical. How come it is only now you have realised its not for you, and not say 18 months ago ???
    You are (unfortunatley) typical of some that are now amongst us. Willing to take, but not to give.
    personally i hope you do manage to get out, rather than listen to the next few years of whingeing why you dont want to be here.
    goodbye and good riddance.!!
  7. UB,

    Your choice of words is somewhat unfortunate. Had you phrased the question a little better, you might not have been bitten quite so hard!

    Let me rehearse the arguments for you:

    When you signed up, you agreed to serve for 3 years after your very expensive training finished (the rough cost of your training is about £110 a day). You could have left at any time during basic military training, but you appear to have soldiered on and entered Phase 2 training. I am guessing, by the way, as you haven't provided any information.

    You have now decided that "Army life isn't what I thought it was going to be....". Leaving aside the obvious question, I note that you are still in a training school - and haven't yet seen the real Army. So, are you fed up with the Army or with Nursing? If you are fed up with "school" and nursing, how about transferring to another Corps with a shorter training programme. You won't receive as much trade pay and there won't be a nice job lined up for you in Civvy Street, but you will have escaped the classroom.

    Instead of posing the question on a website, go and see your RCMO or SPSO and explain your predicament. You might also wish to discuss your reasons for wanting to leave with the Padre or Welfare Officer. Finally, see your Platoon staff and ask for an OC's interview. But make sure you have rehearsed your arguments; "I want out" only works on television; it doesn't work in this world where commitment and loyalty are everything.

    If you wish to PM me, please do so.

  8. You're not the first Army Student Nurse that I've come across that's not wanted to carry on post qual and to be honest people like yourselves make my blood boil :x . You must have known (or had a fair idea) what you were letting yourself in for. Or is it the thought of going on Ops that's making you crap your nappy?? As others have said, get a backbone and get on with it - it's only three years after all!
  9. I find it amusing that Unhappy Bunny was so, er, unhappy at the various responses that he or she has removed the original post. Why he or she should do so when an electronic record will be there until the server next crashes :lol: is beyond me.

    A simple "thank you" and, perhaps, this smiley 8O for the various responses would have sufficed!

    I suspect that the Medics will be better off without him/her.....

  10. There are some HAPPY Bunnies who did a full career - don't tarnish the Bunny name 8)
  11. some people are so touchy!! I apologise for my rudeness....the old saying 'the truth hurts' is so very true....just needed a bit of a kick up the backside. Am sorted now though and am looking forward to life in a unit on qualifying. Being spineless, weak or a money grabber was never the issue, just had a bit of a panic about the future...So THANK YOU for all your comments.
  12. this web site appears to be named after you, you tosser. I am in the healthcare profession and people like you make me sick, happy to be paid far more than your civilian collegues, free accom, extra cash for food etc.. and then realisation that qualification equals payback, operational deployments (no doubt youll be a burden to your trade as youll always think of a reason why you cant deploy and someone else will have to go instead), paying for your food and accom, living in service accom etc...

    Sympathetic ear? you need a kick up the arrse!
  13. seing as you posted that lovely message before the one I sent today explaining why I wrote what I did (after having a very bad day!) I'd just like to say that im not a tosser, thank you very much and I hope that if our paths ever cross in the healthcare profession that you are not as much of a tosser as you sound!!
  14. if our paths do cross I think you may find that I have the upperhand :twisted:

    I dont care if little you got scared by the fact that you were about to go in to the the big bad world, where people have to do their jobs and people get hurt, the very fact that you were thinking of trying to 'escape' without giving the 3 years payback makes you a very weak individual, and I do hope our paths cross very soon.