leaving b4 your time is up

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by tezza20, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. my friend has just gone to his first regiment and he is now saying that he is wanting to leave the army b4 his 4years are up. i didnt think that you could but can any1 please tell me if u can or cant and if so how thanks
  2. My Friend.....
  3. yup my friend so do you no if he can or not please?
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Can anyone translate this into something that even vaguely resembles English?
  5. what bit dont you understand?
  6. What bit didn't you understand before you joined up?

    Go and have a conversation with your Platoon / Troop sergeant and tell him that you aren't having a great time. Lots of guys go through it, you aren't the first. That should be your first port of call.

    Good luck
  7. No, you can't leave unless there are extenuating circumastances. Not liking it anymore is not one of those circumstances, so grin and bear it chum!

    Oh, by the way.....

  8. thanks lost boss i will tell him that but can i just assure all of you out there as i said im not in the army its my friend im just a 20yr old girl who works in a fish and chip shop lol
  9. Has he been told he is off to Telic/Herrick - Is he trying to jump "b4" he has to do what the Army has trained him to do?
  10. your preggers arent you.. you want him back so that he can help you bring the thing up and keep you in fags. Is your name cilla
  11. thanks for your intelligent input legs but i am nothing like a chav and for the last time im not in the army so i dont have to grin and bare anything chum!
  12. no drain i am not pregnant lol i dont mind if he stays in or not thats totally his choice. and as for the fags i havent had one of those for 10weeks thanks!and no my name aint cilla lol
  13. Tell him to text home as follows;

    M8, sel da pig innit, & byz me out

    .............. (and await reply) Dear Son, pigz dead innit, ...
  14. he's not been told hes going any where drain. it's just not what he expected i think
  15. It can be like that. Do training and get to your unit, only to find that big people are telling you what to do, you have to do "duties" and then, if that wasnt bad enough, you find that someone is telling you to pack your kit and sit in a field for 2 weeks!!!

    What are they like.