Leaving at 12 Year Advice

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sexysapper, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    I have a quick question if anyone can help. Appologies if its been posted before but can't find anything similar.

    To ensure I get the resettlement grant, do I need to sign off the day after my 11 year anniversary of enlisting, or is it the day after the anniversary of starting basic training. Any help much appreciated!
  2. Your year on year service is from the day you attested - nomally day one, week one of basic training. Your 11 year point will be that day and month.
  3. Best bet is check jpa it will tell you the time you have done so you are safe to sighn off (factors affecting) age of engaging and any time added if you were a bad lad

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  4. Ok thanks lads!
  5. Also make sure that you get a Pension forecast as that will tell you what you will get when you are 65, ie a deferred pension payable at 65 plus your lump sum (3 x the annual deferred pension) pared also at 65... it will also say a tax free resettlement grant for service over 12 years payed on leaving which is £10,302.00.

    I just found out that I wont get a resettlement grant even though I have done over 14 years service check out my post.
  6. Just read your thread Aether, thats appaling, too many stories like this.Let us know how you get on.