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Leaving Army

My fiancee is on his way out of army as he is an "unhappy soldier" he is in the RLC and the paperwork process is starting tomorrow and I was just wonderin how long it takes as he is desperate to get home
If he had completed his engagement and was on an open engagement he would be required to give the Army 12mths notice (signing off)

If he has served a few years he may be entitled to PVR and effectively buy himself out of his remaining obligation - usually 2 weeks if units have their act together.

no doubt someone will correct me on this - i'm old and bold and different rules apply.
he is in phase 1 he has been there since oct last yr, his troop commander has given the go ahead for him to leave we just dont know how long the process takes, thanks for your replies
a made mistake he is now into phase 2 and has been told my c.o today he will be out in couple of weeks as there is back log of paperwork at the barracks
Discharge as of right normally expires half way through Phase 2 if im correct, the process can take a week to a month depending on how good a soldier he has shown himself to be (most S/NCO's and the brass will try to keep him in if he has shown that he is the muts nuts)

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