Leaving a job to join the military

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by adam_c, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering what the rules are about when you have to leave your current job in order to join any of the armed forces? i.e. is there a certain point into recruitment where you should probably be unemployed in order to progress?

    If anybody could inform me of what the standard rule is across all three services i would be really grateful.

  2. As long as you are always at the right place at the right time for interviews, medicals etc, then do what the **** you like before you join up.
  3. other than having completed any notice period before you are required to report for training , it is as legs suggests entirely up to you what you do pre-entry.
  4. He doesn't even need to do that, he can walk away from his civvy company when he wants.
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  5. Most civvy firms require you to give 30 days notice. Trust me, you will get far longer than that between the 'You're In' message and 'You are Hereby Ordered to Report on this day to.....'
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  6. If you have a decent and sympathetic boss, tell him you are joining the Army, BUT WAIT until you have a job offer then tell him and ask how much notice he/she would like.
    Ffs dont tell anyone until you know you are in. Use your days
    off for interviews, fitness, barb test etc etc. That way if you don't get in only you will know.
    If you work for horrible bosses then if you get a job offer, go when you want, use your leave days up to your limit and go and do what you want. Just make sure you dont stitch yourself up by talking about it or putting it on facebook for your employer to see.
    Also you should be aware of the notice period between you and your employer, they have to abide with it just like you do, unless you do something daft and they fire you for misconduct.
    I'm rambling again so i will just wish you good luck

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  7. Don't do it!!! Join the TA first ;)
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  8. Thanks guys!

    You've all cleared that up for me!
  9. Not always the case, I had 18 days notice before I started.

    Considering that once you have passed main board you can defer yourself to a later entry, there really is no need to be unemployed until you choose to join up.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Based upon the assumption that the OP believes he will succeed then as little notice as you need, after all the civvy scum wont be worthy of you after 5 minutes running around the gym will they?
    Be sensible, do what you have to but dont shit on your own doorstep, you may even enjoy the leaving do!
  11. Hey, sorry for joining such an old thread but my current boss is threatening to sack me for the unpaid leave I'm taking for my army interview. I have another job I can go to in the mean time to pay me a wage until I get in, but I don't know if him not giving me a reference will effect my application. Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. Sack you for taking unpaid leave, or sack you for refusing to come to work one day when he wants you in and calling it 'unpaid leave'

    If it is unpaid leave then it's unfair dismissal to sack you for agreed unpaid time off
  13. Basically he knows I want it off and for what reason and so has said that if I don't come in he will go down the gross misconduct route. I've only had 1 unauthorised day off in 2 years and I only took that because my best friend passed away. I just don't want a refused reference to go against my application.
  14. So it's not unpaid leave
    Contact the recruiters about the interview and see if there is any choice of a workaround - and can also give you an indication on the risk of a bad reference (pre-emptiness that you could get a reference sent to the army that you're sacked for going to be interviewed for the army)

    (I'm not familiar with the process so don't know if you're stuck to the date)

    Everyone's job situation is different so he could be being a dick or it could be a problem for him and he can't let you go then
    There should be terms of employment giving the company policy and not turning up could be gross misconduct, and that's that

    If there's no other choice then you can respond that if you are unable to take that day and would be subject to gross misconduct that you will be unable to continue to work there with other army commitments during the recruiting process
    He then has the choice of doing without you for a day or doing without you forever
    If it means he can then employ someone who will be at work when he wants, someone gets a job and you have alternative work in between then that may end a happier situation all round with a better reference
    Or he may prefer you at work the next day giving more time and notice before you finally leave
  15. He sounds like an ass, and you are making he right choice