Leavers day pranks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mongo, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Ideas for a school muck up day?

    Already have:
    Taking pics of teachers cars, and with the phone numbers we've gotten for them over the years, selling them on Auto Trader. Saying that they work nights and to call at 4am for extra d1ck points
    Taking doors off the toilet stalls.
    Cling film over toilets.
    Frozen shrimp placed in obscure spots/ teachers cars.
    Planting grass seeds in the shape of a giant knob on the playing field.


    (Not that it matters that much in the NAFFI, but I did search, and found nowt relevant to just pranks)
  2. I think the Chief Instructor will take a very dim view of such behaviour...

    Career terminated, anyone?

  3. Farkin' 'ell. School leaving day? Grow up. School children should be shot at birth.

    Plant grass on the field? Isn't the field already grass?

    Anway - ignoring your juvenile muck, I am reminded of an old idea (in the days when ideas were creative). That is to get some shaving FOAM cans, super freeze, depressurise and cut open. The frozen shaving foam cyclinders (say 5-10) can then be placed into a persons car.

    As they defrost they expand, if you chuck enough in then as the poor driver returns to said vehicle it will miraculously be filled ceiling to floor with shaving foam without any clue as to how it happened.

    Plant a grass knob on a grass field? FFS.

    (Edited to add also works on dorm rooms of knobbers, but naturally requires more FOAM cans.)
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Except for Schoolgirls of course.

    They should be given to me........hehe. :)
  5. Buy a big tube of superglue, find an unpopular teacher and rub it into their crotch, as a joke of course.
  6. Shoot everyone and then finally turn the weapon on yourself.

    Hilarious, I'm sure.
  7. Turn it on yourself, you boring cunt.
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    i.ll go with snail on this, in fact stay at home and do it you weak tosser
  9. Agreed with both the above,Chasing-Aimless please please please shoot yourself a number of times with a large calibre weapon you boring bizzie tw@t :D
  10. No way. Is he a bizzie and not RMP? I thought he knew it all about the procedures etc. etc.

    My life is over. Goodbye cruel world. :cry:
  11. He is indeed a monkey and judging by his posts a social retard with zero sense of humour hopefully he do the right thing tonight with Mr 9mm :D
  12. We can only hope.

    I just asked truffles what we should do and she called for the real police.
  13. Sneak into the science labs, then turn all the taps to face the ceiling, and when the water for the building was turned on, it looked like the room was filled with fountains.

    Release 3 chickens marked 1,2 & 4

    fill up water guns with really really really bad cologne!! and shoot at all the 1st years.
  14. There are plenty to go round so don't forget to share Jonesy :D
    Dont send me the split ones 8O
  15. Release 3 chickens marked 1,2 & 4

    I love that idea. Genius..