Leaveing TA to join the regs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stouty, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. I need some advise as am a bit unsure what am doing on both sides TA and Army are trying to talk me round to them. Well am in the TA as a recruit got a 2week cmsr in March but I have also applied to join the Army Infantry. I like to be in the Army full time and do there 24weeks CMSR! The TA say why join the regs when you can do the CMSR in 2weeks with us and then be a full trained soldier! Why with them its 24 weeks on basic pay can get dropped back your stuck in for 4years doing the same thing why with us you can get sent out serve with different regiments and if you don't like them you can leave them and see if you like others. I don't know if hes saying it for his benefit or mine and if am in the Infantry are there really a lot of options to do different courses so when I do come out in 4years if I do get a good job and know more then just how to shoot Thanks for reading :roll:
  2. If you get sent out to work with a regular unit as TA you'll end up stagging on the gate in Iraq!

    Join the army and make up your mind there, you can always leave and join the TA after if need be!
  3. I'm TA - go Regular
  4. Sorry. no offence but that post is a little incoherant.

    Maybe you should use the TA to sample Army life, and see if its for you. Also, previous experience will be no bad thing for basic training.
  5. I agree with a_l there. Have a look first,

    With the TA you can have a civvie job as well if you don't want to play soldiers full time and have a bit more freedom.

    If you want to be a full time soldier you can still join the regs.
  6. As a member of the TA I’d say if you want a career or a full-time job in the infantry, go regular, and now. If you decided to go TA, what job would you combine it with, and is it compatible i.e. Monday to Friday?

    I’m surprised that the TA is advising you against joining the regular Army (?). As you pointed out though, recruiters have to sell their own product and are likely to advise you to do what is best for them. Hear what both sides have to say and think whether the advice really makes sense for your own situation.

    Four years is not a very long commitment, and either choice might lead on to the other.
  7. I have not had a job for 6months so I am really eager to get into some full time work as well. If I join th infantry what are the chances of getting a HGV lissense in infantry would I have to be in the RLC
  8. sigs will get you the hgv licence as well
  9. Shame on your unit!!!!

    Part of the TAs mission statement is to provide recruits for the regular army.
    If you’re unsure about joining the regs then try the TA, it’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to be a soldier and you can leave any time you like.
    If you know that you want to be a regular soldier then join up now and don’t look back.
  10. I have been in the TA for 5months still in recrutment and its the best thing I joined ever so I love to do it full time I guess
  11. Have you done TAF 2, your 2 weeks recruit course, yet?
    That will give you an idea of what your life as a reg recruit will be like.

    I advise you to complete TAF 2 and then if you’re still positive about joining the regs then go for it.

    Go and pay a visit to your local recruiting office, you’ll get the best advice there.

    Good luck.
  12. I did just under 8 years regs, then a year and a bit in the TA, just applied to rejoin regs. Go on, yer know you want too!

    If you're still unsure - flip a coin!

    Most units have the need for truck drivers, even the Infantry have plenty of big trucks to drive! HOWEVER, if you want to drive big trucks; get a driving course in civ street. If you wanna run around, get given the run around, sweep the desert, play loads of sport, drink cheeeeap beer, trash other peoples countries, generally fook about, see the world*, * when I say see the world - I mean; Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Poland, Canada, Northern Ireland Falklands, etc, etc! and drive trucks then join the army.)

    It's better to regret doing something than to regret not doing something!

  13. I have done and passed my Task one & two and I have passed the testing weekend for the 2week CSMR what I will have to do in march then I will need to do some Gap training. If I join the Army I have to do 24weeks hay
  14. you mean TAFS not task methinks.
  15. REME also do a fine line in hgv licences (if you go VM or RECY MECH), also consider RE driver you get to blow things up too